Here are 5 Powerful strategies that you can put to Good use today!!!

  1. Identify and work your Current and Past client list:
  2. Once you have developed your ideal client, you have the most cost-effective, direct route to the best source of future business there is. All you have to do is create a system that works and rework it over and over again.

  3. Follow up with past clients by telephone:
  4. Always follow up with a low pressure tone, informative-oriented latest styles, new techniques… updated info......specials and discounts. You'll be surprised why customers temporarily stop patronizing your business.

  5. Position yourself as an expert in your industry.
  6. Here's an advantage that's rarely identified or implemented. Position yourself or company as the go to source for industry information, as an expert.

    Read everything you can on industry trends, developments, and updates; Put on seminars throughout your area.

    Write or induce someone else to write articles that you can disseminate through press releases or trade journals.

  7. Recognize and identify your hidden assets.
  8. There are many assets you or your business isn’t taking advantage of. These assets may seem somewhat abstract. But once you identify with them they can realize dramatic profits to your business.

    Remember that which seems easy to you, may be very challenging to someone else.

  9. Don't put all your eggs in one basket!!!
  10. Diversify your resources.

    Do not put all of your resources into one business... are there other ways you can generate income? Think about other ways you can be of service to your customers.

    Don't forget, once you've developed a customer, you have the most cost effective direct route to the best source of future business possible.

    Strategy is better than strength...... Hausa Proverb~

    Deborah Pretty

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    Ideas to work Today
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