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Acai Berry -Believers Be on the Look Out!

The Acai berry: Is it good for beauty or business? Listen up, as we expound and define the super fruit. After which, we will dissect the idea from a business prospective. Hear this; for those of you who have been looking at the acai berry with goo goo eyes, dreaming about Tahiti vacations, kissing your boss goodbye, and planning your farewell party... hold on for a minute.

Lets first uncover exactly what is an acai berry?

Acai berry is the latest health craze. Everyone is talking about the wonder fruit, from Holly the CEO to Harold the Janitor. What is all the big fuss about... the Acai berry ... what is it good for? Well, to answer your first question, the acai berry is a fruit that grows in the Amazon rainforest . The fruit looks like a purple grape and is 10% pulp and 90% seed – careful when eating it..

But, because of the health boosting properties, I.e feeling good -it could be worth the inconvenience. Some experts are even claiming the acai berry can fight cancer, boost energy, help reduce weight , fights diseases and provides a healthy heart... Wow!

They are not calling it Nature's perfect food for nothing~ Now, to answer the second question. I've been asked; what does all this really have to do with business? More specifically, what significance does it play when choosing a network marketing business?

Read below as we share some facts according to the Direct Sales Association and other top leaders in the Network Marketing Industries.

According to the Direct Sales Association and other leaders in the Network Marketing Industry, there are a few things you will want to avoid before jumping into any MLM Business.

Here are 4 vital components all Multi-Level Marketing companies should contain.

Lets review them now:

  1. Is it a consumable product or service; the product should be a product that people will reorder?
  2. The product or service must be unique. Another me too product or service will be tough in this economy.
  3. Demonstration of integrity and strong leadership in top management; is the management team of the highest esteem. Are they honest and fair. Do they have morals and values...E.g. Bernie Madoff
  4. Is the company at least 18 months old; ground floor opportunities sounds enticing, however, it is a lot more risky working in a new company. Experience is the best teacher.
  5. There you are, the above 4 components is a good place to start. Yes, everyone wants to look and feel good, have a healthy heart and all of the benefits that are associated with the acai berry. My question, with over 3.1 million people out of jobs and more to follow, is this the right time for the Acai berry.
Who really knows. My suggestion, do your homework and make a good business decision. And if you end up an acai berry buyer or business builder either way you will greatly benefit.

Remember the grass still has to be cut, regardless to where you plant your seed. Beauty and business is attractive to all of us. Who knows the answer may be the Acai Berry?

Are you exhausted and border line broke, from joining too many MLM companies? Are you unsure about how to spot a reputable business? Could the Acai berry be your next success or failure? Uncover some facts, view this 5- minute video; this may keep you from making another uninformed business decision.

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