Business-Start-Ups.... it’s the slow start-up that stop most people dead in their tracks.

In today’s horrendous economy, people from every economic background imaginable, are seeking ways to start and rebuild their businesses.

Learn 3 dangerously silent hold backs that stop most Business-Start-ups and how to identify them along with three true stories and a video to soothe your mind and have you looking at starting a business in the very near future.

Even though business-start-up capital is normally the main physical tangible reasons for keeping most businesses on ice, the intangible reasons significantly outweigh the tangible....equivalent to an elephant vs. an ant....’s undeniably the business START-up that stops most people.

Why do we allow the start to stop us dead in our tracks?...

Why is it that most people would rather do No-Thing, then to do something wrong?

That reminds me of a Brain Tracy quote... "a bad decision is better than no decision at least with a bad decision you’ll learn what not to do with no decision you learn nothing" The other thing that stops most business- start-ups is fear... yes fear...the mystical and mysteries.

What are we fearing. ..Everything...But mostly

failure.... fear of the failure

In the next few minutes you will learn of a couple of stories that may assist in calming your nerves as you move forward into starting your very first business. The other thing that stops most business start ups is Rejections.... Yes REJECTIONS

We get rejected everyday.... by people we don’t know….. trying to impress people that don’t care...

The next time you experience rejection think about the fabulously famous wealthy people that started their business the very same way you will. Here’s a Powerful video that you will find entertaining, truthful and helpful. Click here for video => Video

Below are a few renegades that faced enormous rejection after their initial business-start-up.

Who knows you may be on this list next time.

Remember: Anyone who has ever entered into a business endeavor and made it to the top has had to endure rejections. Alexander Graham Bell offered the rights to the telephone for $100,000 to Western Union’s President Carl Orton. Orton response,”What use would this company make of an electrical toy”?

Novelist Stephen King almost made a multimillion-dollar mistake when he threw what is now a famous manuscript in the garbage, because he couldn’t face another rejection. “He was told that people weren’t interested in science fiction… He was told…. “They do not sell”.

Luckily, his wife fished it out of he garbage. Eventually the movie “Carrie” was made into a blockbuster film.

In 1998, Google's co founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page approached Yahoo after getting their business started and running suggested a merger. Yahoo told the young “googlers” keep working on your little school project and come back when you grow up. Within 5 years, Google had an estimated market capitalization of 20 Billion. Wouldn’t you love to be in the company of these rejectees!

Enjoy! Remember : It’s the Business-start-ups that stops most people Back to the Top: creative business ideas
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