Business idea #103....The Secret to People Willfully Accept the Invite to your Business Demonstration

Business Idea...Learn How One Simple Idea Improved our show-up ratio by 55% and It Can Do the Same For You!

Here’s a Business idea> we implemented a few weeks ago.

Recently we were looking for a cost-effective way to network with local business owners. We searched for a system that anybody could learn and easily duplicate.

After sitting down and thinking a while, we asked ourselves how we could attract business owners. What do businesses want more than anything else?

This is what we came up with:

    Business owners usually look for:
    1. creative business ideas
    2. low-cost advertising or marketing ideas
    3. tips for improved sales
    4. a venue to network
    5. that one person that can be the gate way to unlimited business
    6. ways to decrease overhead and income profits
    7. FREE FOOD

    Our creative juices started to flow. We came up with an idea for a business breakfast. We knew most small business owners are a little less busy in the later part of the morning.

    We thought a great idea would be to have a lite breakfast.

    Who do you know that would turn down free food?( you got to eat anyway)

    Today more than ever businesses that survive in uncertain economy's are the ones with the most flexibility.

    How often do you stayed awake at night thinking about how you can cut your high cost of advertising in your small or home business?

    It’s no longer top- secret that little tweaks in your business plans could make a huge difference between your fiscal year ending in a deficit or surplus.

    When it comes down to making money in business...he who can decrease expenses and increase sales makes the most money.

    I assume you keep your nose to the ground looking for low-cost creative business ideas…..Right?

    Are you interested in an innovative strategy that seems soooo simple you really don’t see how it would make that much of a difference?

    Every once in a while we get a hunch about a business idea and most of the time we dismiss the idea.

    We thought feeding the business owners would cost less then to travel around town visiting multiple offices.

    In addition to that it gave the business owners a chance to network their new business ideas and marketing strategies with others.

    Zig Ziglar said it the best… “if you help enough others get what they want you will get what you want” .

    Here’s a few advantages of the business breakfast:

    • We saved time
    • It eliminated hours of travel time.

    • We saved money
    • We eliminated business travel miles

    • It was held at our home office so it would be considered as a home office expense. (In essence my husband’s coffee and doughnuts for that day was a tax deduction)
    • We got a chance to meet people we never would have had met.
    • We gained contact information that added to our database.

    The business breakfast idea succeeded flawlessly. The guest felt completely relaxed. Believe it or not they immediately started to network and exchange sales strategies without any coercion.

    Here are some reasons why our business breakfast idea show-up ratio was high:

    1. We told them up front exactly what they could expect.
    2. We told them that the demonstration would only take 15 minute and it did.
    3. We told them that we weren’t going to try to sell them anything and we didn’t.
    4. We told them that the total time away from their businesses would be no more than 30 minutes and we finished before time.

    I’m certain this isn’t the first time reading a strategy like this one, which was so incredibly simple (you’re thinking to yourself,) yea right...

    Remember it’s the start that stops most people.

    Don’t’ overlook the obvious.

    The point I’m conveying is that creative business ideas like these really do work.

    You can organize a successful business breakfast or take this same idea and expand it... subtract from it.... change the venue.... this innovative idea can work in any business model....

    People will always show up for FREE food

    I actually baked the coffee cake ( recipe from the internet) it was so easy… my objective was to give them something they would remember and talk about…to create a buzz….Men you can do this too (5-minute recipe)

    now for the nuts on the coffee cake.Read part 2 for the back end that’s where you win BIG!read this amazing 100%...

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