They Laughed When I told Them About My Creative Business startup Ideas...but when they worked Everyone were Shocked.

It’s no secret that many in our society are searching for innovative, easy home business startup ideas.

Psychologically, finding a business is a much easier task under perfect conditions or when you are dripping in gold (which is a great commodity as we speak.)

But if you are like most people your business startup ideas can be the most challenging... which is why the start is what stops most people.

Business consultant Marshall Thurber said it like this "anything worth doing well is worth doing badly in the beginning".

Obviously, you're reading this because you are serious about capturing a start-up business idea.

According to the internet experts, you are not alone there are over one hundred and seventy-five thousand people every month online looking for a Legitimate Work From Home business.

Whether it’s that you always wanted to work at home, bring your wife home, spend time with the children or you felt the hatchet coming at work and decided not to wait around to become road kill... whatever your reason, you deserve a hand or two for getting started...Good for You.

But before we get started I have to give you a high five. You are taking the first step towards the path of a 3 percent-er...we’ll explain more about that later.

Now a word of Caution.. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Be patiently persistent and you will find a work from home business-start-up for you.

Firstly, you will want to put on your thinking cap. Most people find it hard to just sit and think... I know it feels strange but try it.

... So let’s get started.

Business startup ideas 101.

First, review a few questions suggested my the SBA:

business start-up ideas, SBA Loans

Here are a couple of questions according to the Small Business Administration you should ask yourself before starting a business.

  • What do you like to do?
  • What are you passionate about?
  • What would you do even if you weren't paid for it?
  • What do your friends and family members tell you you are good at?
  • What could you write a book about?
  • Are you self-motivated?
  • Do you work well with other personalities

Creative Business-start-up ideas for you to ponder:

Now here are a few creative ideas for you to think about:

  • Customer Service Trainer
  • If you are one of those rare persons that loves training and have a nack for customer service. You could very easily contract with small businesses to train all their customer service personnel.

  • Start a Service Provider Directory
  • Home owners I’m certain you have had to call a plumber, carpenter or an electrician, may even know who's the least expensive, with the best customer service. Put together a directory and charge the companies are ferral fee. beats expensive, ineffective advertising... hoping to acquire a customer.
  • Business Consultant
  • What do you do at your job better than anybody else?
    Start that which you are good at part-time...that's how some of your most successful companies got started.

  • Business Mentor
  • Have you owned a business and closed it because of the long hours, high-overhead, but love the freedom of business ownership. You possess the skills to help others start their business..

  • Business system organizer
  • There are plenty of small businesses that are sole proprietors that know absolutely nothing about organizing files, systems, or anything else.

  • Garage organizer
  • *Food for Thought:

    How many people do you know that needs someone to clean out first, then organize their garage.

What waste have you noticed at your job or in the businesses that you frequent?

Are you a thinker, do you notice faulty business systems, improper service set-ups, and immediately come up with solutions ....then you could be a free lance business consultant

The garage organizer is an example of one of our top 10 easy, low-cost traditional business start-up ideas.

Some home-business ideas are a little more sophisticated, but there are a variety of business start-up ideas that touch 10 different industries.

It’s the start that stops most people.

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