Canadian opportunities... Is Your Freedom Worth Your Time?

Canadian Opportunities... Answers for People That Want to Get Started, But Just Can't Seem To...

Finding the best Canadian opportunities could mean eliminating your long metro ride / commute... shoveling out of knee deep snow...(unless you love it) getting home just in time to eat and sleep; only to do it all over again the next day.

Thousands from Canada are looking for Canadian home business opportunities. The idea has caught on like wild fire.

Did you know that more and more professionals are looking for a way out. Many with high-paying professions are realizing that their careers are taking a toll on their health and lifestyle. Many are turning to Canadian home business opportunities.

Let's hear from Dr. Charles W. King, a PHD from Harvard , and a professor of marketing at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Dr. King is also the Co-Author of "The New professionals."

One of Dr. King's students asked him what did he think about network marketing or the home business opportunity industry as being a viable alternative to a traditional business.

Dr. King's response was, "I don't know anything about network marketing and I don't want to know anything about network marketing". His student looked him in the eye and said, if I responded like that, you would have given me a "F" for a grade.

After realizing that he knew very little about home business opportunities; Dr. King proceeded to research the business model.

What he found was astounding and shocking.

We will reveal Dr.King's top 4 characteristics of what a home-based business opportunity must possess later.

Years ago, UN-INFORMED, Canadians and professionals from the United States, thought that the only people that joined home business opportunities were people that had no college eduction and no business savvy.

According to the Direct Selling Association over 65 percent of direct marketers are college educated. Additionally more traditional business owners are attracted to the benefits of the potential global distribution of goods and/or services, but, without the expense or headaches of overhead. These facts are attracting more professionals with world class talent into Canadian opportunities.

Don't be surprised when you visit the doctor and find out that your doctor is a distributor for a Canadian home business opportunity.

Here are the 4 major desirable components of a stable non traditional business opportunity.

1. Consumable product or service

2. Unique product or service

3. Integrity and strong leadership in top management

4. At least 18 months in business

There you have it; Dr. Charles King's desirable components of a non traditional business opportunity.

Keeping in mind that, of course, the work must be done 1st. But just for a moment; Can You Imagine....

Having the freedom to set your own schedule (maybe getting up at the crack of 12:00 noon), living where you want, having the ability to be involved with your kids school as much as you like, helping the economy by employing people that actually want to cook and clean on a daily basis.... Now That’s The Life....

Anything's possible... only after you Buy Your Life Back!

Don’t forget the only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.

After all, we're talking about Canadian opportunities, not a get rich quick scheme.

We hope this information about Canadian Opportunities assists you in moving forward to your dream.

Your dividends on this small investment of time can be huge.

However, you have to add fuel and stoke the fire to keep it going.

I'm going to share something with you and I hope you take this like it's "life-threateningly serious".

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Or, you can "not" watch it -- stay home and suck your thumb -- and hope The Prime Minister kisses it and makes it all better.

Sooner or later, you will have to participate in your very own rescue... Why not Now.

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The worst decision in the world... is no decision. Brian Tracy said it the best... At least make a decision on when you will make your decision.

...awaiting you is your very own unique Canadian Business Opportunity

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