creative business name registering a new business name align= 10 Creative Business Name Ideas and Strategies that will Undoubtedly Leave A Lasting Impression~ Congratulations: You are without doubt separating yourself from 97 percent of the population, by actively seeking solutions. We commend you for taking part in your own rescue from job uncertainty and shrinking 401k not-so fun-funds.

Before sharing the thought-provoking strategies that will induce you to think of creative business names, first, we want to warn you of the importance of filing your business name ( as soon as you decide) with your state and local agencies immediately.. avoid the Mistake we made...

Even more, you will also learn why it's vital to register your business with the domain registry (even an offline business). After which, get ready because we will interject thought provoking questions, ideas, and share business name related material giving you even more strategies to acquire your desired company's identity.

Let's get started

Learn how to mesmerize your model clients with a flawless attractive corporate name.

Here are some essential questions and strategies you will want to contemplate before making any decisions:

  1. What type of products or services are you planning to market... your business name should mirror in your selection. You definitely want to be congruent. You don't want your customer to have to guess what your products or services are, based on the name.

    This is most important when starting an online business. Choosing the proper business name or shall I say your domain name is life-threatening serious to your online business success. (Free resource at the bottom of the page)

  2. Who is your ideal customer... When you try to sell to everyone you sell to nobody.... get clarity ...try to get as close as humanly possible to naming your business to resemble your ideal client

  3. Will your business be offline, online or both?

    Don't forget the significance of a website in today's business climate. Subsequently, if you hadn’t planned to incorporate a website you are unwisely leaving money on the table and perhaps jeopardizing your chance for a long term successful business.

  4. What does your best customer look like ie...gender, age, income..


    When transacting Real Estate deals... You definitely have to know who you are selling to.

    People in different economic levels prefer different features..i.e carpet vs. hardwood floors.... colors like rose vs mauve

  5. Word usage is critical, it may seem small but it is vital to speak the language of your customers.

    Below are a few mind joggers to get your brain moving in the right direction for discovering your new business name:

    NO doubt this will get the ball rolling.

    (It seemed to help give it a whirl.)

  6. Check the expired domain registry for domain names. Some of your not so successful businesses have gone out of business and left behind top-notch d

    omain names.
  7. Be certain the products or services you choose reflect in your name selection.
  8. Hint: You may not want to name your proctology business WideLoad INC

  9. Be original and creative You can cheat a little!
  10. Explore Google keyword search or other search tools to find your most popular keywords with the least amount of competition. This will give you an idea of which terms people use to search for your business items or services.
  11. View a list of business names...see which ones strikes a cord and ask yourself why? E.g. Did you like the uniqueness of the name, did you like the fact the company name properly represented the product, did the name have a certain mystic, dive deep down inside to see really what it is that you like about the business name.
  12. Make sure your name is reflective of your USP ( USP stands for unique selling proposition) E.g. The Relentless Pursuit of Excellence... LEXUS

    Your USP should be something that only your customers can say about your product or service.

As you can see, what we didn't do is give you a list business names to choose from, but more importantly teach you how to brainstorm your thoughts.

We are firm believers of the old adage” If you give a man a fish you feed him for a day, but if you teach him how to fish you feed him for life".

Coming up with a valuable, descriptive, and self-identifying company name will unquestionably be a plus on your side and it will eventually add radical profits into your new enterprise.

Here are a few more suggestions to help your business name results: check the domain registry for your name availability, earlier we mention to check the domain registry for expired names, now, we are reminding you to register your new domain name, even if you're opening an offline business. How disappointing would it be to have all your ducks in a row... a spectacular creative business name...lights... camera... action ... and the domain name for your chosen business is already registered to somebody else. Yuck!

Seek suggestions from your teenagers Teenagers are a great source... Why.... because they are super imaginative, they will come up with buckets full of creative business name ideas. Teenagers are daring and have fewer fears and inhibitions.

Last but not least, for a further convenience we want to share one last point. If you are planning to spread nationally or globally... trademark your business name, it will be vitally crucial and don't forget, registering a new business name with both state and local agencies is a must.

If you’re having trouble finding a creative domain name that accurately, express your online message, try reading this free ebook. It’s short, easy and offer clear steps , telling you why your domain name is your most crucial component of naming your new business available at: =>
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Remember to start with the end in mind, Tom Watson said it best. "What do you want your business to look like a year from now, two years from now"?

Good luck with your exciting new soon to be perfect business name, we hope you'll find the most exclusive business name ever.

We look forward to seeing your Ideal Business Name in neon lights soon!