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The Best Direct Marketing Business Opportunity Tips Won't Work Outside

It's great to know the Best Direct Marketing Business Opportunity Tips but Nothing happens until you get both feet in the door.

Independent direct sales distributors, are you tired of hearing the same old lame excuses, E.g. I don't have any time, I'm just too busy, is that the unwanted ring tone you hear when trying to schedule an appointment with a prospect?

Are you exhausted from rejections from family members saying no to sampling your outrageously wonder products or services?

Has it crossed your mind that you can never earn as much money as the out-of-the-womb company superstars?

How do you ever expect to make money when you can't even get on the other side of the door. The very first step as an independent direct sales distributor or network marketer, you have to do before you can collect a check, is to set-up an appointment.

In this article you will learn how to violently avoid what the Best Direct Marketing Business Opportunity seekers don’t even understand is happening. You will learn 7 easy tips that will improve your chances for acquiring an appointment.

Below are 7 Insanely Simple Tips that any independent direct sales distributor can use to dramatically improve getting their feet in the door:

  1. Never give company information over the phone: Because, that’s exactly what you will cover in the presentation.
  2. Pre-schedule a time to meet with your potential prospect: don’t just bo-hog your way in and intrude. It’s not fair to them and will probably get you thrown out head first.
  3. Ask for only 15- minutes: Yep! 15 minutes, most people regardless of how busy they may be, will give you 15 minutes
  4. Call your prospect the day before: Always confirm your meeting. Let them know if for any reason they can't keep their appointment to please call or leave a message and you'll do like wise.
  5. After confirming your appointment: Don't hang on the phone, remember perception is everything. You are busy and successful too.
  6. Don’t worry about the time:I know you only asked for 15 minutes so half-way into your meeting ask Mrs. Prospect, do I still have your attention? If yes, keep going until you finish. Most presentations only takes 15-20 minutes anyway.
  7. Smile when you talk: even if you are nervous, especially if you are nervous. Remember this isn’t about you it’s about your prospect. Don’t forget you are genuinely interested in offering value to your prospect if not, stop wasting your time and theirs.
  8. If you don't remember anything else remember this: ask for 15 –minutes and don't give any company specific information over the phone.

    Our parents related it like this, as they warned us about marriage vs. rooming with your significant other. Why would anybody buy the cow when they can get the milk for free.

    So if they are curious enough from your pique interest question they will give you at least 15 minutes... wouldn’t you?

    Let us know if this info was helpful?

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    Remember: Nothing works until you do. Knowledge isn't power only applied knowledge is power.

    To Your Success as an independent direct sales distributor and we hope this 4 article series improves your prospecting, presenting, setting up appointments and closing skills.

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