What the Direct Sales Companies and Training Manuels Ignore Really Hurts

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7 Little Mistakes that keep the Best Direct Sales Companies and Distributor's Poor

Are you tired of struggling, unsure if you're wasting precious time and elusive money by joining gobs of direct sales companies. Are you still trying to hit the target blindfolded , using old out-dated prospecting systems that’s as passe` as a Model-T Ford?

Do you strategically plan your direct sales marketing attack by utilizing ridiculous played-out rules, pestering angry strangers, long-lost family members and used-to-be friends.

As an independent sales rep do you sometimes feel that uncomfortable pressure in the pit of your stomach like a night stalker waiting for it's next helpless victim.

Join 1000's of other direct sales distributors that decided to upgrade their training manual which will place them light years ahead of 90 percent of all other direct sales companies roster:

Now is the time to learn innovative techniques. Yesterday was the last time you have to hunt for your next meal.

Studying these 7 direct sales tips below will improve your skills and confidence so much, you’ll without trying, literally make the other person feel, almost stupid to say no.

These tips are intentionally kept short because, as you know, as an independent sales rep, opportunities come fast. Really, prospecting should be kept very simple and to the point. It's only designed to ascertain whether or not a person is interested in listening to what you have to offer or not ...PERIOD.

Claim these 7 prospecting tips on how to pique interest to grow your business .

  1. Never pique cold: What this means is, basically never just jump out of the woods and attack a person from behind. Always warm your prospect up first with a little small talk. E.g. weather, children, sports, job.
  2. Listen to your suspect: Since now you know to first make small talk, the next logical thing to do is to listen to what they are saying. What should you listen for? Take notice for what drives or motivates them, their wants desires and needs concerning life, family, or occupation
  3. Choose one of their dissatisfaction's: Whether it’s their job or not having enough time home with the kids. That should be the focus of the conversation.
  4. Look for genuine ways to help: Here’s a Big Key, concentrate on helping your potential rep their goals. That will take the pressure off of you. You are no longer thinking, how can I get this person to join my network marketing business or buy my products or services? You’re thinking how or if my business, product, or service can help them.
  5. Never talk only about how great your company is: I know it’s hard especially when it has the most advanced super micro clusters that penetrates the blood stream allowing you to see through wood and bite thought steel; believe me they don’t care!

  6. How to deliver company facts: keep it to bullets only. Your direct sales company’s brochures are great templates for you to use. Here are a few bullets: E. g. International Company, 19 countries, featured in major publications, 17 year old, etc.
  7. Use company tools to explain your business: leverage your time by using tools: E.g. Websites, DVD’s, conference calls, email. Always use your sales distributor's resource aids.
  8. Important key pointers: never mix piquing with presenting; your job is only to pique, which means asking a qualifying question. Don’t cold pique, learn to identify the other person’s hot buttons, people love to talk about themselves. Be enthusiastic but don’t lose control.

    Lastly, remember to use your tools as a follow-up. Never leave room for the person to ask you a boatload of questions about your business.

    If by chance you are a novice direct sales distributor and you screw up big time by trying to answer, just revert back to your tools.

    We hope these 7 piquing tips help , you with your prospecting. If we left any major ones out please email us. We will love to hear from you, along with your most successful piquing tips.


    This is the first of a three article series designed to improve your prospecting skills.

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