Today you will learn why some direct sales distributors presenters get great results and others sales distributors just don’t seem to have a clue, what to say, why, and when to finish.

Many independtent sales agents only ulterior motive for a sales demonstration is to show case their broadway fantasy. Little did they know, a sales meeting is strategically planned for a profitable outcome.

Your information should be intended to provoke the best probable results for those listening.

Read these 7 common mistakes, try to avoid them like the plague.

Do the opposite of the majority of sales reps, in the process watch your confidence grow, your presenting skills dramatically improve, and your production become predictable.

You will learn the importance of creating a direct sales distributor presenting process, who not to focus on and why. And that's not all. You will learn why professional direct sales distributors avoid answering questions while amateurs don't. Best of all, you'll uncover the #1 reason why many sales spiels fail to deliver the message correctly.

7 of the main pitfalls many independent sales distributors make that you can comfortably side step.

Let's get started:

#7. Focusing on the sour grape: It never fails there is always one guest that was convinced or drug to the meeting, they are so negative, if you place them in a dark room they would develop.

#6. Too many Details: Presentations should consist of maybe 20% Technical know-how, facts will never induce anybody to join your direct sales opportunity..

#5. Learn to diversify your sales pitch. Your demonstration should be divided into 7 different categories... E.g. product, company, industry, introduction, testimonials, closing, and training.

Remember you have 4 different personality types within the room ( we’ll cover more in our ezine article) If you only cover one personality you will exclude up to 85% of your audience.

#4. Being too serious: I’m sure some of us will be nervous and scared (some scarier then a pig on the road to Smithfield) but you have to lighten up and try to relax. And not be sooo serious.

#3. Boring: Juice up your presentation with some excitement insert a joke now and again even if it’s the same tried joke that your sponsor used. The name of the game is duplication, so duplicate. If you’re the kind of person that never joke, that will make it all the better.

#2. Lengthy: Many presenters are sooo interested in their product's ingredients: The super micro clusters, they spend hours telling how they are sooo powerful.

As a matter of fact, it grew a third eye and the guy ran off with the circus after becoming rich and famous. Hello!...people are only going to hear the first and the last thing you say. Make them the most blockbusting.

#1 Testimonials: Should be a part of every appearance, facts tell stories sells. And if you are metaphorically challenged that means to tell more stories, refrain from mindlessly throwing facts out like an automatic machine gun. Testimonials basically tell your prospects that if she can do it, I know I can too.

There always seems to be people that look like they live in the morgue, and come to find out , they’re the one ripping the company sales production apart.

Study these 7 avoidance tips and present your way to the top of your company.

If you’ve forgotten everything you've read, here are the two most important facts: first, stories sell facts tell. Testimonials induces the believable factors.

People think for the most part that only you can achieve success but when they hear about Trish, down the street who just got started yesterday made $110.00, now that’s a cow of a different color.

Keep your presentations under 45 minutes maximum. People will NOT, let me repeat Won't remember everything you say, only 3 percent of information will be remembered and that’s on a good hair day.

The reasoning above explains why 97 percent of all network marketers earn less than the top 3 percent and how you can set yourself up to know what they know. Not only know but implement.

Learn these 7 simple, nonthreatening, easy, presentation tactics. Once you master the 7 components of an effective presentation the game is over, you are on your way to super stardom.

If you don't learn to possess these skills you will spin your wheels moving from company to company thinking it’s the products, service, or sponsor. Nope, it’s all you. Learn to improve your sales pitch and you control your business.

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