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3 Critical Direct Sales Techniques Which Ones Are You Avoiding

Direct Sales Techniques --What Every Rep Ought to Know That's Not Discussed in Training!

Suppose this happened on your next Direct Sales Opportunity Appointment?

You piqued interest, got the appointment, presented like a pro, then you were told to come back tomorrow. You should be excited. However, you've heard it too many times before.

As a matter of fact, you've been told everything from leave me some information, come back later, can you put something in the mail? And if you go for any of those stall tactics, I have a mansion in Dubai for sale.

When you are inexperienced in any direct sales company all of the above sounds promising. But as time marches on you learn that most of what your prospects tell you is bogus, fake, pretentious, an all-out bold face lie.

This article will teach you how to STOP the March madness, pick up vital direct sales techniques and get on with the game.

Gain 3 simple sales closing phrases that can turn your business around and set you on the right course forever.

You will never fall for those same old lines again IF you read, study and take action by implementing these 3 closing tips:

3 Easy Direct Sales Closing Techniques:

Direct Sales Technique #1: After properly presenting, always ask your prospect a qualifying question. E.g.... What did you like the best about what you saw? Wait until they talk, the first person speaks loses. Listen very closely, their feedback is the starting point for your closing statements.

Direct Sales Technique #2: If suggested to return at another time; flat out refuse to repeat your visit or mail any material! According to Brain Tracy if after a presentation, the potential buyer request you to mail them something, "he said" "you may as well take whatever you are planning to mail them, throw it in the trash and save yourself the cost of a stamp".

How many people in the past, you mailed info to actually joined your business or purchased products from you later?

Direct Sales Technique #3: Don’t’ allow interrogation! This is the first thing most prospects will do and that's elicit a bunch of unnecessary info, mainly because they feel, if they don’t explore more, that makes them feel stupid.

Here’s your response to any inquiries after your presentation, Mr. or Ms. Suspect are you inquiring because you are interested in purchasing the product / service or are you interested in joining the business.

There you are, three advanced direct sales techniques for closing any sales:

Remember: Find out what your suspect liked about what was shown. Clue: If they start to just repeat what was said or what they saw, they're not interested, E.g "I notice the company is a 13 year old company, international, and has a celebrity endorser."

They aren't taking ownership, vs "I like the fact that it sells itself and it’s a product that everybody needs and use already" etc..

The most important thing to take away from this article is this,

STOP WASTING YOUR TIME You're not there to be cross-examined, if they need more documentation send them to GOOGLE. Let your tools do the heavy lifting, if they are probing because they’re ready to get started, Great, But if they're investigating for G. P. NEXT...

We will love to hear from you, this article was designed to give you a few of the best business opportunities tips and help you further improve your prospecting skills and turn more inquiries into raving reps. For additional related articles: Visit our Free MLM resource guide for more step by step original training articles and some videos.Available =>
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