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If you're like thousands of others, looking at different work at home opportunities, money making success principles, or a way to earn extra income that don't include using your vocal chords or good looks you could be on the right track.

Work at home opportunities has become a household word no longer set aside for the misfit's, many top-notch handsomely paid executives are diligently seeking ways a earn income while working at home. man sitting thinking about ways to earn extra income by working at home This article will offer some insight as to why legitimate home businesses has become so attractive. So, since you're looking for solid, long lasting income, here are some guidelines to follow designed to help you choose a home business that's right for you.

The first consideration is always the legitimacy of the program. While it may not be possible to avoid scams or duds 100-percent of the time, the answers to the list below will give you some indications as to the legitimacy of the business.

But first; 3 places you should check.

a. Be sure to talk with your soon to be sponsor to gather as much info about the company as soon as possible.

b. Check the company's corporate website to retrieve the number to the headquarters, probe for answers.

c. Check to see if they are listed as a member of the Direct Selling Association. (DSA )

Be sure to get these questions answered before you hand over any money. Some other questions you may want to ask:

1. How long has this company been in business?

2.Who are the executives and what is their experience?

3. Have they been in trouble with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

4. Are there any complaints about them at the State Attorneys General Office

5. Is the product or service unique?

6. Have they been in trouble with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)?

7. Is it a highly consumable product or service?

The second thing to consider when investing in any residual income opportunity is how well it will convert for you. In other words, how easy will it be to make sales? Your skills as a marketer will have some effect on this, but the main concern is to ascertain whether the product has real market demand.

Find out if there is a real need for the products? Is it priced fairly compared to other products of similar quality?

Can people purchase the same or competitive products cheaper?

Thirdly, think about whether this work at home business is a niche you know something about, something for which you have an affinity for or is it a market that you will enjoy learning about. In addition, the products or services should resonate with you. You need to be able to speak the lingo with confidence in order to connect with your prospect to sell them effectively. You also need to feel good about the product, or else you will only put up a half-hearted effort into promoting the product or business opportunity.

1. Why are so many people NOW looking at what used to be their last choice is now their only hope to earn extra income? Many people are now wondering how can they earn extra money from home? Here are 3 reasons why Thousands of people every hour are looking at the home based business model as the business of the 21st century:

1. Residual income... allows you do something once and receive money month after month, year after year. Now I understand why our insurance agent was so adamant about their business.

2. Passive is much more attractive than earning linear income. With residual income or passive your income is continuous. With linear income you start each year at zero.
( E.g. residual income year end 2008- $200.00 …2009 you start from $200.00 not zero)

3. There are many ways to earn income; ...one form is residual income or royalties. We are all familiar with royalties that's produced from the music industry.

keep your pants pocket full of money, earn extra income by with a legitimate home business

Lastly, remember that a legitimate home business opportunities, are like traditional business, and requires a solid marketing system.

You should have a strategy in mind or the company should have a workable marketing system that you can easily duplicate. When you have a well-thought out plan at your disposal from the start, you can immediately start to promote and witness immediately rewards.

If you have flimsy plans, chances are likely you will flounder like a fish without water – flipping and flopping in and out of methods, while never achieving your desired results. Placing your business at risk squandering what may have been your perfect opportunity for creating a true dreams.

Don't let that happen! Do thorough research, make an informed choice and take action using a solid system. It takes a little more work up front, but it is well worth the results you will reap over the long-term.

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