Email-Marketing the Easiest Way to Produce Consistent Results

Finally, A Email-Marketing System That Really Works!

Marketing off-line takes too much effort. You spend all of your time hunting down leads, explaining the business to them one-by-one, and following up again after that. Then, they end up going down the street to Jo's.

There IS a better way: The Efficient Way... The Email Marketing System!

Did you know that email-marketing is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal when it comes to profiting and promoting your business? Its easier to get started than you think, and will allow you to place the majority of your sales efforts on autopilot.

Success in any business depends on your marketing system. The old school way of advertising off-line only, is a BROKEN system.

Everything you do off-line can be done on-line with email marketing. Not only that, but everything you have to do off-line over and over again can be automated on the Internet.

This ability to automate is THE solution to the broken system.

Off-line, you could spend 40-50 hours per week on lead-generation and follow-up, especially if you're personally returning phone calls, holding in-person meetings, etc...

Here is the beauty of email marketing:

Email-marketing allows a business owner to:

1. Easily Educate potential customers about their products

2. Automatically educate potential customers about upgrades, commission structure and profit potential

3. Builds trust and credibility, with improved conversions over time. Eliminating the sales pitch.

4. Effortlessly expands your business world wide. While new products and services are introduced to your existing list.

5. Place your business on automatic via ... an auto responder. What is an Auto Responder?... An auto responder is a service that automatically send messages out to your email list.

The auto responder was a product made by angels; you can schedule pre-written messages to send to your data base years in advance. Are you beginning to feel the magical power of automation?

Email-marketing is still the most trusted and effective means of communication available to online businesses.

And it still trumps the latest tactics like audio and video...why?

Remember, not everyone has the computing capacity or the bandwidth to watch elaborate multi-media presentations, but virtually everyone has basic e-mail.

If you aren't yet using e-mail marketing for your business, here's how you can get started right away:

I. First, you need to automate your e-mail list. There are plenty of good companies out there. Some of them come as software with a one-time license fee. You install the software onto your own web server.

If you want someone else to do the busy work, you can sign up with a third-party service. These companies host auto responder software on their own servers. Some companies offer free services, but most will charge you a monthly subscription fee for an account.

II. Create an automated series of emails to promote your business. This is just a series of brief e-mail messages describing the products with a focus on soft-selling the prospect.

Compose emails that are educational, informational and of high-quality. Each communication should build on the other and move the prospect a little closer to taking the desired action.

There's no limit on how many email-marketing campaigns can go out in a series.

You can load email-marketing messages into your auto responder, and schedule them to go out as you see fit. You also can send one email per day, or put several days wait between each message. It's all up to you.

III. Finally, your system can generate codes for an opt-in form. You'll cut and paste this code into your web page, and it will create a subscription box where visitors can submit their names and e-mail addresses to sign up for your list.

Make sure you give them plenty of incentive to opt-in. You'll usually want to create a dedicated web page, called a landing page, designed to perform one task: get your visitors to join your list!

Once you have everything set, you can spend more of your time focused on driving traffic to your lead capture system and building your email list.

Now, compare this to spending $3000.00 on a print ad or T.V. spot, hoping it will pull.

It will probably take you less than a week total setting up your lead-capture web site, and writing your e-mail follow ups. Once you're through setting it up, you can put the whole system on autopilot and spend ZERO hours thereafter on lead-generation and follow-up.

You can even train your staff via e-mail!

Can you imagine how much better your results will be when you can get your message in front of 100s of customers at a time, rather than 1 at a time? And you don't even have to be in the same Country? You don't even have to be awake!

So, if you are still doing things the old-fashioned way, I strongly urge you to upgrade your marketing system to an email marketing based strategy.

The time saved and the money made will more than pay for any set up costs, and the learning curve really isn't too steep. A total newbie can probably get set up in about a week.

What are you waiting for? Get started on this right away. There is no way you can avoid success with an email-marketing system.

After that? Just sit back, relax and watch as email-marketing works its magic. You will never promote your business without it!

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