Here are 13 over-looked free ways to promote your business that really becomes second nature and will dramatically boost your home business without missing a beat.

Most home business and small business owners think they have to be a super hero in order to increase exposure to their businesses.

Learn to promote your home business using unsophisticated and ordinary business ideas that will significantly produce maximum exposure with minimal effort

It’s no doubt that most people over-look the obvious. They think if they aren't pulling out hair their, it’s not worth their time.

We have provided 13 overlooked advertising strategies for home business owners that are bound to help you effortlessly  climb to the top of the charts.

Read below and learn these amazingly simple no budget marketing strategies for advertising your home business that you will want to add to your marketing arsenal.

1. Promote your home business by adding your website URL on your personal and business checks.

2. Tell everyone about your new business, word of mouth advertising is the most effective form of advertising there is, especially for a home/small business.

3. Anyone that emails unsolicited marketing material to you, email your business message back to them

4. Highlight your website URL on your checks.

5. Carry a camera with you everywhere you go and take pictures of everyone that will allow you to do so(.e.g. at parties, games, events,etc...) email them their pictures with your advertisement at the bottom in the form of a signature file.

6. Create a website or a blog for your small business even if it’s just one page (blogs are free)

7. Place free ads in the online advertising classifieds

8. Find joint venture partners to cross promote business ideas

9. Print your marketing message on your sizzle cards

10. Include your advertising message on all voice mails I.e. ... cell phone... home phone..

11. Always ask for referrals

12. Collect testimonials from satisfied clients and display them

13. Place your advertising material (E.g. biz cards, sizzle cards, promotion letters) in all out going bills

If you just stop and think about it, just about anything can be utilized to self-promote your business. Remember he, or she, who exposes the most grows the most. ======================================================================

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