22 Homebased Business Start-up Pitfalls to Avoid

How do you get started in your very first homebased business.... the same exact way you eat an elephant, one byte at a time.

Starting a homebased business is like growing a garden.

We’re sure you will agree, if you decided to grow veggies you wouldn’t just throw seeds on top of the hard soil would you?

You first have to till the land, break it up good, choose your business, then fertilize...educate yourself...water your seeds...put your knowledge to action.. WOW...your first ear of corn.

Let’s review some of the pitfalls you may have to overcome that may seem insurmountable to start a home based business.

These are the ingredients you will need to develop your work from home opportunity.

This article will shine some sunlight and help shorten your learning curve.

Here are 25 crop boosters to help you grow healthy, delicious, bountiful, business harvest:

1. Develop a clear picture of what it is you want to achieve; you can’t hit a target you can’t see.

2. Start working from home part time first to supplement current income until you can replace it.

3. Try to limit your business building conversations to other profitable business owners only

4. Don't expect your friends and family to be supportive in the beginning stages.

5. Expect to crawl before you run and you may even go backward before you move forward.

6. You will have to sacrifice...meaning giving up present comforts for future abundance, most people forget about the future rewards.

7. Be on the look out for some hurt and disappointment...before you can expect to be good expect to be bad

8. Don't allow the reasons why you decided to start a homebased business be the excuses you use to quit.

9. Read everything you can get your hands on pertaining to working from home topic.

10. Interview someone that has succeeded in your business of choice and someone that have failed.

11. Don't expect pats on the back from your colleagues...your business success crystallizes their lack of initiative.

12. If you decide to apply for business loans, be prepared to be persistent.

13. Don't listen to the News, I can tell you now what you can expect to hear, someone die, someone lie, a plane took off and a plane landed, etc...

14. Schedule to work your most productive time, you will get more work done.

15. At night write out your schedule for the next day, that will save you so much time.

16. Always perform the most important task early during your work schedule when you are most effective.

17. Do the things you don't enjoy doing first that way they will get done.

18. Learn and practice delegating, all successful business owners delegate

19. Spend some time in deep thought, or meditation.

20. Read personal development material, that will help you stay in the game.

21. Be sure to do thorough market research, you want to start a business that you like but you also want to make money.

22. Don't be afraid to ask for help.

No champion, ever wins without sacrificing so learn to perfectly practice and keep your head in the game to succeed at working from home.

Remember to ask yourself, HOW Questions(can I do this) every time your brain reverts back to why am I doing this questions...

Ideas will start to flow. Your reticular activating system will allow you to see information that was there but you wasn’t able to recognize before.

You will magnetically attract the right people, websites, contacts, finances, ideas, everything will begin to fall into place for a perfect work at home business Start-up.

Once more you will feel completely confident about your decision to start controlling your financial freedom.

Already you are beginning to feel unstoppable because you know you are moving forward in the right direction toward making your home business start-up a reality.

So Remember that when you start anything new, there will be some disappointments.

Remember: it's the start that stops most people!

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