An Effective Home Business Card Your Secret Weapon to Being your Customers only Choice

What does your business card say?

Learn to Write an Effective Home Business Card Message and Separate your Business from the other 95% that Don’t Know How

What is your business card saying? Is it repeating the same things the other 95% of all home business cards say?

Are you running off at the mouth talking about your company's great product or service?

This will be one of the most important, powerful, straight-forward lessons you will learn that will immediately set your business apart from your competitors.

You will learn one of the most significant purpose of a home business card, what’s vital to say that’s sure to set you ahead by leaps and bounds and equally crucial what not to say.

Luckily, you will uncover the mistakes that 95% of all business owners make whether they are small business or home business owners.

What is the primary purpose for your home business card?

Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs don't know the reasons or purposes for a business card!

For example one of the main purposes for a business card is:

A business card is another method of marketing your message. Your marketing message should unquestionably stay consistent on all of your advertising media; E.g. Website, print material, radio, newspaper, ads, etc...Business Cards are a tool that many people create to give away to prospective clients... on those business cards are mostly their achievements, honors, gold stars and successes... stuff that only interest themselves not their potential clients.

Think about it, what’s on your business card and how effective is your marketing message?

Did you erroneously duplicate what 95% of the other entrepreneurs said?

Listen while we explain the normal path most(home business entrepreneurs)newbie’s take, if this sounds like you, then you know you are in the right the right time.

Here’s how most home business owners come up with their award-winning business card, they dream up some cock-a-mamie logo, something pulled from the universe. Then they added some glitz and glamor, looked at it as if it took 1st place at a pig picking contest.

Being incontestably impressed at their great creative decision ...then send their business card to the printer for approval. It looks good to the printer so 1000 home business cards are on their way.


How did they decide what message to print on their business card? Do they have an effective message or benefit to deliver to their clients?

Learn Today how to separate yourself from 95% of the other home business owners.

Simply implement this Powerful knock-out-punch business card strategy and be on your way to the top 5%.

You will pull away from the crowd like a super sonic jet vs. a bike with training wheels.

Let’s get started!

Here’s what most amateur home business owners do... look for the most elegant, unique, top-notch business card available.

Then they add what excites them about their business, product or services, incorrectly thinking everyone will like what they like...(love at first sight). Admire it and then on to the printer.

Now there’s nothing wrong with beauty...however let’s not exclude brains.

Now I’m not saying don’t use any fancy paper stock, unique metal, plastic, see thru material or any of these new business card options.

But here’s what I do know and “John Assaraf Author of “Having It All: Achieving your Life's Goals and Dreams” and is a professional business coach validates.... your message is as vitally important as the look of your business card. Think about this, which service would you consider, if you received these two cards from a social networking event.

Business Card #1

You are passed a card, it’s beautiful and you even commented on the card. You’re mesmerized because it has features you’ve never seen before. The card feels silky and it has a sleek look. It even has a distinctive logo, it looks foreign with a magical sensation. Everyone is raving about the card.

You’ve collected a decent amount of business cards as usual and you put them where you keep all of the other cards.

Let’s say you are looking for a day care facility for your kids. You come across business cards from some of the people you met at the social.

All of the home business cards basically look alike, you look at the fancy one it looks good but it’s playing the same old song. A "me me me" card. Who cares you‘ve been in business for over 50 years….. There are also 50 year old fools ...

All of them said the same thing just packaged differently.

How do you determine which home business card to call?

Business Card #2

Now you came across a business card that wasn’t fancy in style. The front has the:

• Person’s name
• Telephone number
• Business Name
• A picture of them or hot button image
• At the bottom they stated a short message that sparks your attention
• Then an “over” arrow

Once you turn over the business card it has a statement that answers a concern you have with many of the day care centers. (hot buttons)

1. Your kids won’t spend idle time at ABC Day Care Services they learn something every minute of every day

2. Are you concerned for your child’s safety; we provide TV monitoring services you can view from the privacy of your own home or office.

3. Want to know what your son will have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner view our menu at http://www your child eat’s healthy here.

“Also on the back of the business card there's a website for more info on what’s important to you that their center offers. Which service are you going to investigate and more than likely choose.

What does your marketing message say?

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Move to the front of the line with an effective message on your Home Business Card.