Legitimate-Business-Opportunity seems to be a buzz word in today's dangerously wounded economy.

To avoid joining other work from home programs in a catatonic state, this article includes some insight as to what you should look for in any real legit business.

Picking an ill- legitimate-Business-Opportunity is similar to choosing the wrong spouse, they both can leave you feeling inadequate while "Destroying" any chance of succeeding.

So what should you keep your Eagle eyes on when examining business opportunity literature?

Here are 10 questions business opportunity seekers need to investigate before making their official decision:

  1. Is it a growth company?
  2. You will want to be a part of a company that's growing not dying. E.G. smart phones or video phones vs. pagers

  3. How do they rank within their industry?
  4. Are they in the top 10 within their industry or are they in last place.

  5. Do they have an international presence?
  6. Being number one in the United States is one thing but being number one in the world is another. There is more potential if the work at home program is positioned for international expansion.

  7. Are they debt free?
  8. With cash you can do more things like purchase supporting companies, expand your operations, and develop new products including online automation trainings.

  9. What business periodicals have featured the company?
  10. Legitimate-Business-Opportunity Questions!
    Get the right answers

    Research to see if they were or are in any major trade newspapers, press releases, or TV advertisements.

  11. How strong is the management team?
  12. Experience is always good, you would like to see executives that's been there, done that...

  13. Do they offer competitive prices?
  14. Are the prices of the products or services competitive and affordable for the average consumer? Or are they so cheap you wonder what's wrong with them or extremely expensive?

  15. How long has the company been in business
  16. It's always a plus if a company has been in business at least 18-24 months. By that time they should have worked out the bugs.

  17. How did they rank in the Inc 500?
  18. Inc., records the five hundred fastest growing companies including (direct sales and work at home programs.) Being listed is a good indicator.

  19. Are they listed with the BBB, DSA, and other Trade Organizations?
  20. You should inquire at the different agencies, the direct sales industry, and with your State's Attorney General office for any violations or compliance issues. Be sure to get all of the details.

There you have it, 10 questions to have answers to before starting in work at home programs.

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