Retailing... The Quickest, , Most Systematic way to Increase your Bottom Line without increasing your OverHead

Retailing...Learn The Quickest, Cheapest, Most Cost-Effective way to Boost Sales without Spending a Extra Dime

Unfortunately, this is a sensitive subject that many business owners are faced with…...

No doubt about it, many employees feel manipulated and used when encouraged to sell….

Not realizing in today’s competitive marketplace everyone that want to keep a job or build a successful business has to sell and get good at it……

Who would ever think the day would come that professionals like your banker…… accountants..... would be in the sales business

They are and some aren’t too good at it

Quick story; I went through the drive thru the other day and the bank teller tried to sell me on opening an account with them in addition to the one I already had with my primary bank.

I don’t mean this to sound ugly but she was awful.

She looked like she would have felt more comfortable with a helmet and shoulder pads facing a 300 pound linebacker... than try to sell me on something she didn’t believe I wanted or needed.

Even the people that never wanted to sell anything are selling

everyday...”that’s a fact of today’s business”

That why it’s the business owner’s responsibility to properly educate and train their staff on the importance and benefits of recommending the correct service and or product to their ideal customer.

Successful business owners are also aware that retailing is an essential and vital component in their marketing plan.

Without an effective, systematic and consistent strategy you're left with just performing a service. And performing a service isn't a's a job.

Here’s three benefits for retailing professional products and services to your loyal clients.

Establishes you as an Expert

You become an expert in your field. Educate your clients and maintain a competitive edge, by showcasing your product knowledge.

Differentiate yourself from the others ; attend every trade show, seminar, or training class possible. Read from as many different sources of industry material available that will enhance a broader view.

Never shy away from recommending products or services to your clients..... they could loose respect and view you as inefficient if it’s something they really need.

Better quality of Choices

Business professionals are more likely to recommend a better quality product or service. They know how to operate, maintain, and demonstrate the products effectively.

Helping clients make a better decision really comes down to a moral obligation. If you know that the service or product works better with another product “why wouldn’t you recommend both?”

Multiple Income Stream

Most entrepreneurs are looking for multiple income streams. Retailing is a low-cost, time-saving, strategy guaranteed to add to your bottom line.

It's also a vital leveraging tool. Leverage is a well though out system that allows your activity to produce money and in return you save time. Remember an existing client is the most cost-effective, direct route to increase income there is.

These are a few simple tips that will allow you to see your business in a different light. You will begin to think using all cylinders accelerating your retailing commissions to overdrive.
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