Scams A Little Mistake that can Cost A Lot

Don't allow Scams Scare to Impede your Business Success

Ripoffs, illegal schemes, bogus businesses or whatever you may want to call them are on the rise Why?

Because of today's turbulent economy people are diligently looking for honest, legitimate home business opportunities.

With the dramatic increase of complaints, the State's Attorney General Offices are providing pertinent information to consumers on how to help spot, stop, and avoid scams.

A few Consumer Alert Tips:

1.Never give anyone your important identification numbers IE.. your bank account number, your social security number

2.Never pay for a job or prize up front. Most jobs you don't have to pay for anyway. And a prize is not a prize if you have to pay for it

3.Never wire money to a company. If they are asking you to wire money, more than likely it's not a legit business. The reason they are asking you to wire money instead of mail is to avoid the stiff penalty of mail fraud.

With the fluctuating gas prices, increase in families food bills and the uncertainty of the job market people are now taking serious action. Some families are spending more on gas, commuting to and from work and child care making it almost useless for a spouse to work.

Economically challenging times breeds people that do nothing all day,... well that's not true, they are busy, very busy trying to come up with so-called business strategies that are REALLY designed to swindle honest working peoples' money.

There are LEGITIMATE Work From Home programs in every economy and the shysters are revving up..and so are we... here are a couple of tools that we can use to short circuit their spark plugs.

Let's set-up a few check points those shysters must pass before letting them through.

1.Your state Attorney's General Office is one of the first agencies that flag scams.

2.Check to see if your perspective company is a member of one or more of these agencies.

Legitimate Home Based Business check list Resource:


3.Be leery of businesses that are difficult to contact

4.Research the company... the internet is a wonderful tool

(type the company's name into any search engine IE google for company info)

5.Talk with some of their company leaders.

6. If its sounds too good, too easy,.. no work. potential scam

Get the facts and cut through the clutter to find the most unique situation for your ideal business.

So if you're looking for a better way to earn a six-figure income and above, without the overhead, business expenses and 70 hours plus work week be sure to request your e-information packet.

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