Self Employment Tax Deductions....Discover the Unclaimed Deductions that lie secretly Hidden in your Home Business Tax Returns

Tax Write Offs for the Self Employed...Discover 101 Ways To Reduce your Taxes Legally.


Unfortunately, we had been students of self-employment tax deductionsstrategies for over 20 years before we learned what I’m about to share with you regarding home business tax reduction tips.

 self employment tax deductions IRS small business tax

I was shocked when we first found out that as self employed> home business owners there were more tax loopholes than the limited itemized tax deductions that we had routinely rehearsed and become accustomed to.

My husband and I thought we were savvy entrepreneurs especially when it

came down to self employment tax deductions solutions. (He said I knew how to squeeze a dollar to make George holler)

Boy when we found out that we were severely losing out on Thousands of dollars per year from not maximizing all of the legitimate self employment tax deductions expenses...well it was just a bitter sweet experience.

We weren’t happy campers to say the least. Now don’t get me wrong we weren’t blaming anyone.

It was sort of like the lady on the news that was scammed for millions. Her concern was not that she had been scammed. Her concerned was that she was paying income taxes on money that didn’t exist.

She was gravely looking for IRS to bestow a tax reduction... better yet, interest tax deductions for all of the years of over paying.

We implemented every self employment tax deductions suggested by our accountant. We were appalled to discover how considerably more tax deductions we could claim as self employed home business owner.

It was no secret we’ve visited our share of CPA ,CFP and every other kind of C’s and never seem to stumble on the one that really resonated with us or could noticeably reduce our business taxes. Now you get the opportunity to benefit from the same self employment tax deductions tips that it took us over 20 years to learn... you get to devour in the time it takes to read this article.

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