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What is Marketing... Claim 29 Types Of Free Marketing Methods


What you Don't know about the different Types of Marketing Will undoubtedly leave you No Different than the Other Thousands of Marketers.

What is Marketing?

Marketing is everything. And the rest is just Stuff.

Well, I have some good news and 29 Free Marketing Ideas.

Which would you like first?

...But before we move forward let's examine the purpose of marketing and the reasons why a marketing plan is critical to the operation of your business.

We’ve often heard advertising like it's the best ground floor opportunity in the history of the world..... or the #1 franchise.....the most advanced breakthrough medical product ever...any doctor will die for......must I go on.

That's in-effective advertising

It doesn’t make a difference the company you represent, what product you offer, or which franchise you start.

If you omit this one component .....you can spend a few hundred or millions and you get the same results.


Sooo....What is Marketing~

Marketing is Anything you do to attract, grow and retain existing clients.

Quite simply, marketing is good customer service.....processes that allow you to identify potential clients, and keep them coming back again and again.

What is Marketing...

Marketing has nothing to do with trickery, pretentiousness, or getting people to buy services they don't want or need. That's the wrong type of marketing. Marketing isn't high risk, expensive or confusing.

Home Business ideas

When business owners think of advertising, they think it will cost them more investment dollars, more staff, but overlook the obvious inexpensive marketing ideas that's staring them in the face.

Unfortunately, if you're like most growing businesses, you probably allocate too few avenues to get the word out.

Home Business ideas

Types of FREE Marketing.....Here's a short list of marketing weapons.

How many have you employed?

  • Unsolicited mail that’s addressed to you
  • Advertisement on voice mail (cell& home)
  • Car magnet
  • Logo
  • Name of Company
  • Community involvement
  • Business cards
  • Print website on business checks
  • Create signature file
  • Every free board(on or offline)
  • Networking Events
  • Employee attire
  • Signs outside
  • Endorsement letter

  • Computer - website

  • Online marketing

  • Place fliers in all outgoing mail (bills… letters…etc..)

  • Business website
  • Social Network
  • Gift certificates
  • Referral program
  • test message
  • Marketing on telephone hold
  • Business name on checks
  • Free clinics
  • Article in a publication
  • Stationery (business name)
  • Satisfied Clients
  • Free seminars

  • Well....how many weapons had you employed? .........

    Marketing is simpler than you thought isn't it? We've taking the myth out of marketing.

    What is Marketing.....Marketing is Everything the Rest is Just Stuff!

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