What is Sporadic Snippets?

Good Question

Since we have Soooo much to share and have accumulated a tremendous amount of information, ( while traveling around the Country) we decided this would be the perfect time, to share what we've learned to help businesses of all kinds improve their bottom line with pocket-friendly marketing strategies.

We've traveled across the country in the last 17 years picking up tips, tricks, and techniques. We have hundreds of ideas any business owner would die for, whether you're a doctor, lawyer, home business owner, network marketer, direct sales, real estate broker, or Indian chief, business is business.

What we know is, every business wants more customers or traffic (same thing).

What's the frequency? I don't know... That's what makes it sporadic~

All I know is, you will want to check the sporadic snippet tab daily.

It may be an idea for home business owners, it may be a case study of a doctor's medical business that blossomed from implementing an online advertising technique, it may be a funny 1- minute video. It may be a warning; one of my husband's child-hood friends is a Chip's officer, Yep... he sometimes sends juicy stuff. It may be “that” inspirational quote that could change your life or just help you through the day.

Again, all I know is, you don't want to miss A day. So my advice to you is to check daily.

And if you come across a funny rated G short video, or a business tip, or a marketing idea that you would like to share, please do, and you can even

leave a short Sig file/with picture. Your snippet here.

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Enjoy and Tell a Friend!