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What makes you so Freaking Different

When did you discover you were a freak?

Are you an active member of your local freak community?

Are you one of those people chasers, feeling like you are under the gun, talking to people you don trust or like.....profusely explaining your life's decision to your friends and family.

Only to hear that old 20th century slogan .... get a real job.

“Your dream is your job"!

Continue to march with the other Thousands of strange people like yourself.

Below is a list of a few ELITE Freaks

Freak#1 Abraham Lincoln: was a total loser until he won, he became the 16th American President

Freak#2 Alexander Graham Bell: was told that the world was not in need for an electrical toy

Freak#3 The Wright Brothers: was told if God wanted us to fly he would have given us wings~

Freak#4 Oprah Winfrey: was told she is too fat, her nose too wide... she’ll never make it on TV

Freak#5 Katie Couric: "TV Executive said "never is she to be in front of a camera again”

Freak#6 Mark Victor Hansen: Author of the Chicken Soul of the Soul one is interested in reading short stories

Freak#7 Sarah…….Sarah had a baby at the age of 90

Keep freaking you are in great company

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