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<>Is Your Start..Stoping You
September 18, 2008

Issue #005 Sept.09-18-08

Table of Contents

Editor Notes:

1.How we Increased our Profits by 18 Percent In less than 15 Minutes?

2.Discover the Fortune that lie Hidden In this Shocking "one Phrase"

3.The little Secret that Lit Oprah's fuse that helped sky-rocket her success!

4.Are U Smart or Stoopid?

Here's a quick IQ test to check (60 seconds)

5.A Dose of Determination!

6. What makes you so FREAKING Different~


Watch this Amazing True Story (a 3-minute movie)


Learn the same marketing strategies the Fortune 500 Companies paid Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars to learn....You can Learn from Home in your pajamas

If you desire to make more money, demonstrate the leadership you always knew you were capable of, finally build the business that you envision when you started your business, then the application of the simple strategies in our e-zine are critical to your family's future.

Learning is an active process.
We learn by doing.
Like teaching a child to tie their shoes.

What would have happen if we gave our son's and daughters only instructions on how to tie their shoes.
Since they never physically tried, they would end up thirty-something and still tripping.

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I'm sure we all heard the old adage:
That knowledge is power... knowledge isn’t power... only applied knowledge is power.

In order to Get the most out of this E-zine:

• Develop a deep, driving desire to master these strategies

• As you read stop and ask yourself, How can I apply that strategy

• Apply a new technique at every opportunity possible

• Teach new approaches to employees and or business partners

• Measure your improvement

• Record Success…..Repeat…

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How we Increased our Profits by 18 percent in less than 5-Minute

Learn How to Make "Hundreds" More a day in the Time it Takes to Paint Your Nails

It’s no secret that McDonald‘s is the number 1 franchise in the World.

Could it be that they sell the most delicious hamburgers, tastiest fries,
or could it be the lemon in the ice tea

Have you ever asked yourself why is McDonald's one of the most profitable franchisers in the world?..... Think about it, it doesn’t matter who they employ the company continues to make money.

Why?.... It’s the system!

Don’t let the lack of a system stump your company's growth.

Read below this simple scenario, it will make sense…. dollars and cents.

Are you tired of clients calling for rates and quotes then hanging up? After which, you spot them riding by to the cheap guy down the street.

Would you like to know a word phrase that will stop clients from riding by to dropping by?

To show you exactly what we mean, below we have listed the 5 rules you must know and a word for word Telephone Script Template that will keep them coming.

This telephone script belongs on every desk.

First you have to know these 5 rules:

If you know the rules you can play to WIN

Rule#1. Always stay on offense

Rule#2.Learn to lead not follow

Rule#3. Go Here

Are you ever tongue-tied at the negotiating table…try this unknown secret for shocking results

Discover the fortune that lie hidden In this incredible “one phrase”

You’ll want to add this one to your personal collection of business strategies.
Learn how we helped one friend saved over $8400.00 per year on a yearly contract.

Normally friends don’t listen to friends about business ideas.

But this time Ebony asked me, what did I learn at last week’s conference. Along with all the other tips we shared with her, this one strategy stood out.

Here’s why, she was in the middle of renegotiating her commercial lease.

She told me at that time she had no intentions to use any strategies. But as her landlord was speaking, he asked her to give him a bid on what she thought their new monthly rent should be.

“She said all she could think of was me telling her this one silly phrase”.

She couldn’t wait until Tuesday to tell me about her experience.

Listen up a minute, while I tell you of a strategy that saved Ebony thousands of dollars, and it's so simple. Try this tactful technique for
quick negotiating success.

As Seem On T.V. …Oprah....aired on the "Larry King Show"

Experience and witness something that over three Hundred Thousand of others on You Tube has, Oprah Winfrey's Interview with Larry King.

Oprah speaks candidly with Larry King about an event that took place in her life that was a life defining moment.

In Oprah's own words "this is what I have been trying to convey to my audience for 21 years".

I have never seen Oprah so passionately committed to delivering a message that people could without a doubt feel the magnitude of her sincere thoughts ever before.

Her interview with Larry King is the most powerful message that she has ever delivered, and no doubts about it the key to our success and happiness.

Enjoy and be blessed, and more importantly be active and responsible.

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Are U smart or stoopid

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A Dose of Determination

Here is a short excerpt from one of the Nation’s most Distinguished Personal Development Coaches in the World

Mr. Brian Tracy

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What makes you so Freaking Different

When did you discover you were a freak?

Are you an active member of your local freak community?

Are you one of those people chasers, feeling like you are under the gun, talking to people you don trust or like…. profusely explaining your life's’ decision to your friends and family.

Only to hear that old 20th Century slogan .... get a real job.

“Your dream is your job!

Continue to march with the other Thousands of strange people like yourself.

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It's know secret that our minds are more powerful than the most sophisticated computer in the world.

If you doubt me that's OK," but you won't after you watch this".

Here's an AMAZING TRUE STORY that's sure to positively impact your soul for life. You will never be the same after viewing this 3-minute movie.

Enjoy and Be Blessed!


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Expect to Win Today
Deborah Pretty
Innovative Marketing Consultant

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