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September 04, 2008

Issue #005 Sept.04-08

Table of Content

Editor Notes:

1.Taming Your Telephone Tiger

2.Too Smart for your Bank Account?

3.Are U Smart or Stoopid?

Here's a quick IQ test to check (60 seconds)

4.Your Daily Dose of Determination!

5. What makes you so FREAKING Different~


Learning is an active process. We learn by doing. Like teaching a child to tie their shoes.

What if we would had only given our children instructions on how to tie their shoes?
Therefore they never physically tired, they would end up thirty-something and still tripping.

If your desire is to increase sales, recruit more reps, service more clients, then the application of these simple strategies are critical.

Knowledge isnít power,only applied Knowledge is power.

Tame that Telephone Tiger

Simple word bytes that will produce explosive sales.

Are you tired of customers calling for rates and quotes then hanging up? Then you spot them riding by to the cheap guy down the street.

Would you like to know a word phrase that will stop customers from riding by to dropping by?

To show you exactly what we mean...

Below we have listed 5 rules you must know to WIN. And a word for word Telephone Script Template

Too Smart for your Bank Account

Learn how one person saved over $8400.00 per year on a yearly contract.

Most small business owners are wearing many hats. Many donít have enough time in a normal business day.

As if that isnít enough, what do you do on those days that require more of you. Not to mention those day when you have to decide on important decisions immediately.

This simple tip will help to ease your mind in those times of uncertainty and quick decision making.

Try this tactful technique when have to made one of those awkward decisions.

Test your IQ

Are U smart or stoopid

Take this 1-minute test

(it's very fast only 8 seconds to answer)

it's quick and fun!

Now you know~
return to E-Zine

Your Daily Dose of Determination

Here is a short excerpt from of the Nationís most Distinguished Personal Development Coaches in the World

Mr. Brian Tracey

Enjoy and make it a Great Day

What makes you so Freaking Different

When did you discover you were a freak?

Are you an active member of your local freak community?

Are you one of those people chasers, feeling like you are under the gun, talking to people you don trust or likeÖ. profusely explaining your life'sí decision to your friends and family.

Only to hear that old 20thCentury slogan .... get a real job.

ďYour dream is your job!

Continue to march with the other Thousands of strange people like yourself.

Click here to view a list of few ELITE Freaks

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