Business Success Factors: Thousands now have a Strategic Business Plan After they Realized their Jobs are NO Longer Secure

Business Success Factors: The Perfect Ingredient for Business Innovation

We’ve all seen the average looking Joe or Joanne that didn’t look as if the phrase “ business ideas” or strategic business plan were in their vocabulary come to find out they’re at the top of their game.

Have you ever wondered why some people effortlessly glide though business straight to the top without a scratch while others take small business advice from "Daffy Duck" only to end up on the side of the road with a head wrap and broken limps and shattered dreams?

Why is it that the C student ends up employing the A student. Could it be the C student is open to learning business success factors while the A student think they already know it all?

Could it be the C student isn’t too proud to hire small business consulting agents, regardless if it's a low cost business opportunity or a multi-million dollar operation, while the A student is still reading a thesis on the interplanetary and interstellar space and what does that have to do with business Information.... Are you wasting your time on everything but conquering your dreams?

Business Success Factors: The Key to a Successful Start

Are you afraid you won’t be cheered on by your family or friends?

Are you so afraid of failing you won’t risk winning?

In the back of your mind are you concerned about what your business colleagues would think if you started to replace your golf time with business success factors?

*Business Success Factors: 5 key Factors-- What it really takes to succeed at calling Your Own Shots and Firing Your Boss... Here are 5 Business Success Factors to keep in the forefront of your mind:

5. Never tell un-motivated people about your dreams while you're in the success planning phase. The beginning point of your business development strategy is the most delicate step. If you just can’t hold it to yourself any longer only tell one person but be sure that person is a big dreamer.

4. Don’t listen to the naysayers. If you think about it why would anybody that doesn’t look-up for 5 minute from the TV want you to go on and create a massively successful home business? Not going to happen... avoid naysayers like the plaque.

3. Waiting for the approval of others (the parade.) When you start on your strategic business plan there will NOT be... Let me REPEAT...there will NOT be a parade of raving fans waiting to slap you on the butt... saying...that’ a boy... nope..nada...

It’s not a mystery why most people don’t want to see other peoples' business development strategy to prevail.

A couple of success business factors: It’s not always the crabs in a bucket mentality... its human nature. See if someone in Kalamazoo gets rich in 3 months they can easily say that worked in Kalamazoo.. but that won't work here.

But if you're the person in the next cubicle... right under their nose that they complain to everyday about wishing they can find a business income opportunity because they despise the boss and want to be home with the kids... it then forces them to review their excuses and look in the mirror.

Most People would rather make excuses then money.

2. Fear: fear is a biggie... fear has paralyzed a many man and women. Fear is a small four letter word that brings big 350 lb line backers to their knees; it has broken the backs and spirits of the mightiest. Fear can talk you out of million dollar business ideas. Fear can dominate every action, reaction and thought you thought about thinking fear is bad-er than Shaft...

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1. Lack of courage: when I first heard this I really didn’t feel it. Suzy Ormond was the first person that I heard say this. But as I thought of it the statement sounds correct- the lack of courage stops many people dead in their tracks. Suzy’s quote” it takes courage to be rich” Think about that for a minute.

Whatever rich means to you. But here's what it means to most people “change”. Food for thought : if you’ve never been rich before...why are most people obvious assumption discomfort.

They are associating the necessary change with pain... obviously.... Who wouldn’t want to change if it led to happiness, health, and wealth?

    Henry Ford said” whether you think you can or if you think you can't... you've right.

    The great book says “life and death is spoken through the tongue”. Napoleon Hill said. Thoughts are things.

    Earl Nightingale who recorded the first recorded personal development message said in the strangest secret “you are what you think about.”

    Business Success Factors: 5 key Factors—Learn a simple business solution, it could be the answer to the Big "R"

    The choice is yours

    Conclusion: How long will you allow naysayers to steal your dreams?

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