Free Negotiation Skills Training For Everyday People in Ordinary Living Situations

Free Negotiation Skills -Sales Negotiation Skills- Sales Negotiation Training is just like Learning your ABC's once learned you have fundamentals that will serve you for life.

Enclosed is a story about a negotiation strategy that save a man over $9000.00 dollar. I wanted to share this story because it's a great example of how a little skill like learning to negotiate can undoubtedly add thousands to your income without you spending a dime. And chances are, you never thought about it?

Some people are under the impression that every sale is up for negotiating while others think once an item is ticketed, no negotiation is allowed.

Really, how many of us were knowingly taught negotiation skills? Even though we freely negotiate every single day and never think twice about it.

What if you can learn free negotiating skills that will give you more confidence, make better business decisions and literally have you winning at least 50 percent more in all of your business and personal affairs.

Learning Free Negotiation skills is the cheapest way to immediately get more of what you want at the best price ever.

A better way to explain what I mean is to tell you the story of Mr. George Ross. Mr.Ross is Donald Trump's chief negotiator.

Here's George's Story:

George tells a story of how he purchased a piece of jewelery (that he had every intention in buying) at a sizable discount at one of the World's most Famous Jewelers in New York.

It's his wife's birthday and George visits Tiffany's and spots the bracelet that he was instructed to buy, by a friend, as a gift for his wife.

The bracelet is beautiful, elegant, flawless. George examines the bracelet while the sales person is examining him. George then politely ask for a discount after the price was mention.

The sales person, with a slight smerk in her voice, said “this is Tiffany's we don't offer discounts”. Now how many of us would have stopped right there, Ouch.. the end... Noooo... not George, George's response was, “You don't offer discounts, Well will you allow me to speak with someone that does.”

Then the buyer comes out, “yes Sir, how can I help you?” George explains how brilliant the bracelet is and how he would like to purchase it for his wife but there is one flaw. The buyer was taken aback by his remark. The buyer's response; “excuse me sir this is tiffany's we don't have flaws in our Jewelery.”

George proclaimed, “there is one and it's the price. I would like to purchase the bracelet but you are asking to much”. “Oh sir” said the buyer, “we don't normally offer discounts on a ordinary basis”. George said, “But this isn't a ordinary occasion , this is an extraordinary occasion.”

The buyer can sense that he is going to perhaps experience some trouble so he asked Mr. Ross how much of a discount were you thinking of? “Oh about 50 percent off.”

The Buyer nearly fell over. “50 percent, well we've never given that much off of a piece of jewelry. The most we have ever given is 30 percent.” So George says, “OK you're at 30 and I'm at 50 Percent let's split the difference and do 49 percent.” The buyer replies, “that's not splitting the difference, let's see 33 percent would be a third so would you take thirty?”

Georges response, “you drive a hard bargain you got me, I'll settle for a third.” So George walks out with a bracelet that was selling for $35,000, but he purchased it for a third off of the price.

Now we don't have to be as business savvy as Mr.George Ross, Donald Trump's Chief negotiator, but learning basic negotiating skills are essential in every facet of your business even your life. So here are a few sales negotiation tips you can implement in your everyday experiences.

10 Free Negotiation Strategies for Practical People

  know what you are willing to pay before hand

  act as if you really don't have to have it regardless to how bad you may want it

  always ask for more than you want

  smile when you talk

  don't take the first price offered

  never waste time with the sales clerk

  always talk to the top person in charge

  be aggressive but use diplomacy

 don't be afraid to walk away if you have to

 if you don't feel absolutely stupid about your offer you have offered too much

There you have it 10 Free negotiation skills you can put to great use immediately, putting these negotiation tips, to use to identify your perfect business, smooze your sales vendor, or confidently discuss business finance for your next business venture, especially in an economic turbulent time like now. For specific step by step, Available =>

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