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So what’s so urgent and why are we writing you.

Here’s why:

According to Social Security, out of every 100 people that reach the age of 65, 36 will be dead, 54 will be dead broke, 5 will be financial independent, 4 will be rich and 1 will be wealthy regardless to their prior experience, education or military background.

How many ultra rich people do we know of that were super wealthy, are now broke or went broke, including Melba Moore, MC Hammer, Herbert Hughes, Refrigerator, lotteries winners, Sammy Davis Jr. etc…

Let’s face it social security wasn’t designed to replace our salaries. It was designed to supplement our pensions. We’re sure you’ll agree that most people don’t have pensions and aren’t contributing to there 401 k or other retirement plans.

It’s a fact that when the social security program was first implemented it was over 50 workers for every recipient receiving social security benefits. Now it’s around 13 worker-to-1 recipient and I won’t even tell you what the prediction is in the next 10 years. It could keep you up at night.

And this is only the beginning, with the mortgage crisis, the worst it’s been in fifty years. There are 3,960 people filing bankruptcies per day, 1.5 million per year, and a 57% mortgage foreclosure rate.

As if this isn’t enough gas prices today are over $4.00/gal and just 5 years ago they were $1.50/gal.

Let’s be honest, most salaries aren’t growing at the same rate of the high food bill, gas, or the inflation rate.

Our only objective here is to assist you in finding solutions to avoid the inevitable trap of thinking our government will take care of us. Our government have their own set of problems. And their tab is running up in the trillions.

It’s a fact, according to the US Census Bureau that almost half, (49 percent) of the US population owns a small /home business.

According to Sanford Botkin CPA Former Tax IRS Attorney a home-business is one of the best tax-strategies for minimizing your tax burden.

Mr. Botkin clearly states, if you don’t own a business you are working 5 months out of every year supporting the Government. Now we love our Government just as much as the next guy. But suppose you could cut those 5 months down to 2 or 3 months a year and take that extra income to help support your family and/ or retirement fund.

Below is a test that will help you to see where you are financially and help put you on the right track to retirement. click here

Relax!......... We’re not offering you a business

What we have is much more important. And that’s the knowledge that you need to help you make an informed, intelligent decision when you decide to start your home/small business.

In today’s economy, with the uncertainty of the job market, businesses are going under not only taking people’s livelihood but also their retirement. It’s the worst shape our country have seen since the early 60’s. There are more job losses, downsizing, reengineering, and outsourcing than ever before.

That’s the reason for starting our online business resource newsletter. Our online business ezine (newsletter) is for business entrepreneurs. It’s a site that’s offers information to independent thinkers and home-based business owners.

Just like any one that’s been in business for over 20 years, you learn a lot; especially what not to do.Experience is the best teacher either good or bad.

Just think, what if you knew then what you know now?


Where would we be?

On an Island for the second time in two months~

We’re not speaking about getting rich unless you want to, because being rich isn’t synonymous with success. We’re speaking about taking responsibility for our financial security.

The truth is that no one woke up and said to themselves one day when I get too old and too tried, to think straight, I’ll go to work at Wal-Mart or Mickey D’s for $8.50/hr. and live on 50 percent of what I was earning on my corporate job that wasn’t: enough. I can’t wait to be completely miserable and broke until death due me part.

You’re not alone if you ever stayed awake at night thinking about your finances, or dreaded going back to work on Monday, or if you’re living pay check to pay check, or if you’re stressing out about the lack of retirement money, or if you’re worried about losing your home or job; Then we suggest that you strongly consider signing-up for our ezine subscription. go here now


I went off on a tangent!

Back to the website, we have learned hundred’s of lessons that we will articulate in the course of our ezine (newsletter) it will save and/or make you Thousands.

But just like God we can only help those that want to help themselves. Even God will leave you in your mess until you want out. And Even God don’t listen to your lip service he looks at your actions.

So in a nutshell you have to take action, you have to walk down to the alter.

Our ezine are for subscribers only but free (for a limited time only). I know you are waiting for the catch; the catch is you have to opt-in. That simply means that you have to sign –up its easy.

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Can you see yourself shopping on Monday mornings and leaving for vacation on Tuesday when most people are at work?

We’re excited to see the transformation that will take place in all of our lives.

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