Discover the Beauty that Lie Hidden Behind all that Junk in your Garage.


Are you interested in sprucing-up your house for the holidays?

…...I’m not a contractor of any sort….Nope!

But I had some repair work done just recently and was so impressed that I’m writing this letter.

Why…because it’s hard to find someone that’s honest, professional and reasonable with their prices.

And just like you when you find something of value on sale you want to tell the world.

Plus it will help Timothy also.

This is Deborah Pretty; yes that’s my real name.I’m writing to inform you of a young man that I met that performed an extraordinary repair job for me.

I know this is an unusual letter but I am so tremendously impressed with Timothy, I told him that I would write a letter of recommendation.

First let me explain, I’m not earning a dime for this ad, but thought there are others like myself that homes may need some sprucing –up before the holiday’s.

If you are hosting Thanksgiving and/or Christmas and want a few rooms painted or want a fresh new look….here’s your opportunity. (like me)

If you are like me and want to protect your paint job by parking your car in the garage this winter … ……or if you are looking for a updated look or just want to clean the mold and mildew from your house siding and decks….it’s a perfect time to do just that..

Timothy is one of those persons that loves to work, he has many talents. He has a passion for painting, but can do just about anything. He replaced a roof for me and I’m very pleased.

He also worked in commercial construction as a supervisor and managed a crew that built a few of our local Wal-Marts.

Don’t forget to call early for your appointments the holidays are quickly approaching.


I waited to tell you about the prices.... they are very reasonable .....Shhhh…

Remember to call his assistant for your appointment.


You have nothing to lose and beauty to gain.

But feel free to call me if you like.
Deborah ….252-321-8389


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