How often do you lie awake at night with an unusually high entrepreneurial fever? Almost everyone breathing today are seeking good entrepreneurial ideas, from Carmen the CEO to Herman the House Husband no one’s exempt.

With a cancer-like economy, leaving 2.6 million people without jobs, anticipating 50 million more world wide, even Joe the plumber could end up in the soup line if he denies his starting role as Founder of Joe's Plumbing Service.

While multi-million dollar businesses are closing regularly, why would anyone with any CENTS think entrepreneurial ideas could be the catch of the day?

Tune in while we uncover 4 ethical reasons (with a well thought out business plan) you are more likely to succeed in reaching your business goals if you take heed of the unethical criteria of some of our major corporations.

Today is the perfect training ground to learn what not to do if you plan to capture massive long term success. You will uncover what happened to big businesses, and how to capitalize on a few Fortune 500's fatal mistakes.

Listed below are 4 ways an Entrepreneur Can Stimulates the Economy and their Pockets by side stepping corporate blunders.

1. Don't allow or practice favoritism: Keep control over your business; Don't be afraid to weed out the slackers, we all know people who work for large corporations or have witnessed first hand the slackers...their main objective is to try to creatively manipulate “father time-clock”.

The slackers sole purpose is to test drive their entrepreneur ideas to see how much work they can dodge. Then you have the human walkie talkie’s, they do nothing all day, but talk of course.

2. Learn to treat each employee with honesty and fairness: Have you noticed, it seems that the person with the best ingenious ideas and leadership qualities are always the persons passed over?

Many times the most egotistical, narcissistic co-worker end up with the magical position of manager which kills the entrepreneurial spirit, originality and inspiration of your team.

Surprisingly companies just keep missing the boat...encouraging independent thinkers will be critical in the new economy, why, because the world's competition will force companies to cut loose the dead weight, even if it’s the boss' best buddy.

3. Never think you know it all; that's a recipe for disaster that has been proven many times.

4. Start small and consume less Risk: With large corporations comes bigger-risk: and the most slippery risk is balancing between the employees vs the stockholders.

Many so no good entrepreneurs don’t always do what’s in the best interest of their employees (shocking I know) but rather what’s in the interest of the stock holders.

And some stock holders and CEO’s have only one goal ... WIIFM (what’s in it for me) to make as much money as humanely or inhumanely possible, many times at the expense of thousands of others.

With resources such as CNN news and the internet we don’t have to elaborate much on that issue... E.g. $35,000.00 Toilets, private or corporate jets, cooking the books, (accounting errors)Etc...

since many big businesses are sinking faster than the titanic and with the tax breaks stacked on the side of the entrepreneurs, it will be eons before we see another opportunity like this, timing is everything in business so use it to your advantage.

There you have it, 4 ways you can stimulate your community and your bank account. Four criteria for you to contemplate that will assist you in the beginning stages to becoming a good entrepreneur.

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The principles above are no different than what our parents preached when growing up, to treat people the way you want to be treated. And to exercise honesty and integrity which will surely set you ahead of your soon to be competitors.

Now is a perfect time to stir your entrepreneurial juices, jump start your business today.

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