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Today you will become skilled at oneMoney Making strategy to Radically Boost your Home Business sales without spending an extra dime in advertising cost... Guaranteed!!!!

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In a matter of minutes you will learn one easy to implement, low-cost business idea that will significantly increase your sales in the time it takes to read this page especially if you’re a slow reader.

Our goal is to GREATLY ENHANCE your establishment by demonstrating at least one technique, tool or tip you can use immediately for massive improvement of your business.

Every Week You Will Learn at Least one Proven Marketing Strategy

Each week you will learn at least one tip to replace one of the old dilapidated worn out hand-me-down strategies that were passed down from owner to owner, with solid steel beam marketing tips that offers creative, innovative, and low-cost ideas that will withstand any outrageously defective economy.

You will also learn to unearth the fortune from under your nose that already exists in your present client base, without spending an extra dime in overhead.

Do you feel raped by advertising companies, over-paying for expensive marketing advertisement that don’t pull, pay-per click bills piling up, media and newspaper ads that could have done better on a piece of wood along side a unpaved road.

Wouldn’t it be great if you only paid for ads that pulled like they promised?

We have a solution, and best of all it’s FREE....Yes FREE …..

You’ll be glad to know that there’s an even better way for home business owners to stay ahead of the game.

That’s where we fit in. We offer no-cost/low-cost marketing ideas simply by adding innovation and creativity for dramatic reduction in your advertising budget.

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Innovation and creativity often spells the difference between failure and success in any business.

Harvard Professor Theodore Levitt, gives a great definition of creativity and innovation. Creativity is thinking up new business ideas and innovation is putting those ideas into action.

"Learn how to Tap into and use your human ingenuity" for your highest ROI possible.

No doubt about it your home business will become more exciting as you begin to use our simple low-cost, proven innovative techniques that will increase sales, uncover business tax tips, build client loyalty, and develop a turnkey business system which protects your family's long-term wealth.

What If You Could...?

• work fewer hours while earning more money ..

• cut advertising expenses by implementing low-cost ideas..

• develop a turnkey business system that will sell...

• increase your client base without increased over-head...

Read how one proven low-cost idea improved our business by 18 percent.....

Try this tactful technique the next time a potential client calls for rates or quotes and watch your home business grow overnight.

A potential client calls for a service price, without thinking I blurt out $49.00 dollars... how many times has that happened.... Now that seems like an innocent daily task right? Wrong. The result.. the caller then says "thank you and good-bye

So from trial and error... I noticed that blurting out the price of a service was bad business. Then one day it struck us how we could convert more callers into clients.

In short, this is what I did... the next time the phone rang we were excited to try our no-cost idea that we will share with you.

Now for your surprise... here's all we did.. it's so simple, that most people miss this slip of the tongue.

Instead of answering their questions reverse the conversation and you ask the questions. Remember the person on offense will control the direction of the call.

In essence you take the lead in your business to find out what their interest are for wanting your product or service. Talk in terms of what's in it for them. People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care.

"People do business with people they like, know, and trust"

We call this a turn-around. This technique is a perfect opportunity that demonstrates how an inexpensive innovation of a few words will add to your home business bottom line.

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Our conversion ratio increased by 18 percent just from that easy, often over-looked business strategy. There you have it.... one of the many low-cost(no-cost)profitable home business ideas.

Until then!!!

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Deborah Pretty, Basic Author

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