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Over Two Million jobs were lost in 2008. That’s more jobs lost in a single year, than in the previous 10 years... combined.

Imagine, you’ve worked 25-30 years with your mind impatiently set on retirement. You report to work on Monday, as usual, only to find out your services are no longer needed.

Strange things are happening in today’s job market like never before.

You Decide - Don't Go Down with the Titanic!

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Network Marketing... An Ingenious Way Ordinary People Can Earn Extraordinary Income... at an accelerated pace.

Are you playing by the wrong play book? According to Robert Kiyosaki, Everyone should own their own business... the easiest, least expensive, lowest-risk, business to start is a network marketing business.

One of the most important components built into the system is that you get the necessary help from eager, experienced, dedicated teammates that are excited to see you thrive.

How not starting a home based business is Unknowingly Detrimental to your income tax returns.

In all actuality it’s costing you more money not having a home business

According to Sandy Botkin, former IRS Tax Attorney, “a homebased business is the most profitable way to reduce your taxes”.

Sandy is an attorney that started his own business helping small/home business owners save on their taxes. Did you know as a homebased business owner there are over 130 tax deductions you could potentially claim. (check with your CPA)


What perfect timing for a recession proof business.

What if there was a way You could generate "TRUE" residual income by capitalizing on the USE of up-to-the-minute technology, that’s changing the way we communicate around the world.

Why are Thousands of Professionals running to our company? ... E.g.. Doctors, Lawyers, Successful Business owners, Teachers, Actresses, Actors, Coaches, MBA’s, BA’s, MD’s, PhD's and former professional athletes.

What if we told you there were over 100,000 people (mostly small business owners and Professional Entrepreneurs that are salivating about their new found businesses... Why?

Because we:

  • market everyday utilities
  • Are a global company
  • 18 years old
  • Expanding international
  • Had one of their best growth years lastYear(2009)!
  • Has over 100,000 active independent agents
  • We know some of you would like to skip the formalities and just rush to the information session. Receive your*FREE GIFT, of one of the most sought after billionaire's speeches ever recorded. !

    And that’s not all that makes us unique. Our industry leadership, business model and comprehensive support system sets us apart.

    Along with:

    • No-accounts payable
    • No- accounts receivable
    • No-employees
    • No- employee benefits
    • No-Boss
    • No- favoritism
    • No-selling something people don’t want or need
    • No- large investment

    But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

    We were featured in an episode of a reality T.V. show. (featuring a well-known multi-billionaire) We're the "ONLY" network marketing co. "EVER" featured on one of the major networks!

    Over 30 million viewers... GLOBALLY, was exposed to our company. This credible visibility contributed to the explosive growth we are experiencing right now. I highly suggest you start moving now.

    For the first time in the HISTORY OF the work at home business, you can position yourself to capitalize on the re-invention of the most necessary industry on our planet....

    Historically “NO-THING” even remotely comes close to this phenomenon...

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    You could position yourself in front of the hundreds of thousands that's going to lose there mind when they see up this company is up too.

    Today you can decide to get in the game, Or you will be an envious spectator trying to call calling plays from the sideline of life.

    In short, You have to take ACTION.

    Waiting for things to change is a losing proposition; making things change is a logical strategy. Hoping isn't a strategy

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