Magnetic Sponsoring...Discover the New Way to have Prospects "Chasing"YOU

Who is Mike Dillard and what in the World is a Magnetic Sponsoring system?

I don’t know where I’ve been... but I had never heard of the Mike Dillard's program until recently.

I had no clue as to what a magnetic sponsoring program was ...”

(I’m out from under the rock now”)

After reading his sales page, you won’t deny the facts that Mike Dillard states about the “Old School” Recruiting style... WOW... the facts he mentioned struck a major cord with me?

I just met him,( not personally) online and anybody with a half of network marketing sense has to agree with him.

If you ever recruited one rep chances are you have experienced chasing and cold calling. (“don’t you despise cold calling”)

Think about cold calling for a minute... first of all you Consciously spend hundred’s of dollars on leads...only to get Hal on the phone who is no more interested in a home based business opportunity then Red Fox.

He only signed-up because he was promised an iPod (that he will never receive) for filing in his info.

It’s unquestionably true.The majority of network marketers don’t have a clue about how to successfully prospect.

Whatever your opinion may be, without a doubt the Magnetic Sponsoring methodology is incredibly natural.

In my opinion, it could very well be the next evolution of network marketing prospecting training.

Although network marketing uplines convince their people that they are not selling... just merely sharing. (that’s true in a sense if done correctly).

Actually the industry needs to properly train reps how to share...not to hide behind bushes waiting to ambush every person that come by.

I can’t really say if the magnetic sponsoring system is the no.1 training program in the network marketing industry.

But in my opinion what Mike Dillard is offering is without a doubt desperately needed.

Since recruiting is a process and their aren’t many systems that is as complete, truthful, documented, and tested as the magnetic sponsoring program I think it’s well worth the try.

Typically, when ordering anything on line... you really don’t know what to expect.

And in all honesty do we really expect the seller to discredit their own product... for instance... “my product is horribly outdated... using our product you won’t even recruit Judy the joiner even if it's free.

However, Joe has an updated version of our product that’s unbelievable... go ahead call him... do you need his number?...Not!

What you DO hear is... we have the super deluxe gigantic, kick your butt, unbelievably incredibly most delicious product ever made by man. So what do you do? You order (smile) me too!

I personally found the magnetic sponsoring information highly informative, enlightening and useful.

Allow me to share 3 critically important thought processes that we know is vitally crucial that the system touches on.

This is what we found to be the most meaningful and useful part of the program.

Now what caught our attention might not be what catches yours. So you may want to check it out for yourself.

Here what’s got my interest?

Oh... I forgot one thing. This is what really made the magnetic sponsoring program stand out from the crowd.

Mike Dillard doesn’t hype his product up to me... he keeps it real.

He not pitching that you don’t have to pick up the phone after you obtain your leads from his magnetic sponsoring marketing system.

For a matter of fact Mike Unmistakably states Bluntly, there is no way to build a team without building relationships first. That impressed me. Honesty is always the best policy.

Here are the 3 powerful areas of interest that caught my attention from the magnetic sponsoring techniques:

1. Why it’s dangerously important to lead the conversation when talking with prospects.

Magnetic sponsoring emphasizes one of the most critical skills many new and seasoned networkers are floundering (like a fish out of water) with.

Fortunately, this is something Mike learned through trial and error and taught his down line. I find this to be one of the most under trained, over-looked training topics in the industry.

2. How not to chase prospect...Mike explains the psychology behind chasing prospects.

And the way he explains it we can all relate...E.g.… At least at one time or another you had somebody that was attracted to you but the feelings wasn’t mutual. And the faster you ran the harder they chased you, do you remember that ... the very same thing happens with prospecting. If you chase prospects they will run...It’s human nature.

3. Last but not least, never answer your prospects questions.(especially the red’ is a personality type) Why... because it takes away your power the person that’s asking the question is the one with control of the conversation.

Mike Dillard interviewed one of his colleagues by the name of Mike also: the interview was very informative. His friend mike has recruited over 250 people in one year using the same strategies that are talked about in one of the magnetic sponsoring video.

Mike has masterfully mastered the recruiting process. He has talked with so many people that he knows, within minutes, exactly who serious and who’s kicking tires...a skill we all would love to have.

Mike’s magnetic sponsoring logic created a turnkey system equal to Mickey D’s... Where you could throw “Wayne the Wine-o” into your organization and he will shoot out recruits like bullets in a semi-automatic machine gun.

The magnetic sponsoring practice is a time-saver.

But it also makes so much sense...dollars and cents.

Mike Dillard shares in his video other strategies and tips on how to relate with your prospect and how he learned to recruit like an overexcited but well trained manic.

Here is the best part: for now the videos are “FREE”. You can check it out before he takes them down. Check out the links below.

We hope this helps you.

So their you are. Good Luck with Your Magnetic Sponsoring.

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