mlm prospecting...Avoid these 31 Rookie Mistakes ...they could save you Thousands of Dollars in Your First Few Months in Business

    1. chasing prospects

    2. expecting to get rich immediately

    3. talking too much with(emphasis on getting-rich quick)

    4. spending too much time with the wrong prospects

    5. keeping busy but not producing, know what is and what isn't...prospecting

    6. building your mlm business too slow...mlm prospecting should be done with speed

    7. presenting when you've supposed to be piquing interest only

    8. not listening to your prospects

    9. going into convincing mode when talking to potential recruits

    10 selling and telling (singing the network marketing get rich quick song)

    11. not asking your prospect questions

    12. telling people what they ...need

    13. only talking about what excites you and not what excites your prospect about your mlm opportunity

    14. thinking it's all about your mlm company's products solely

    15.thinking you have the best mlm company products in the world and that's why EVERYBODY will join your company

    16. not knowing prospecting has nothing to do with products

    17. not knowing what you are selling or marketing

    18.not knowing what works in the MLM industry

    19. calling mlm prospects with a get rich quick overtone

    20. not listening to your sponsor or experienced mlm upline

    21. not attending international events

    22. not listening to your mlm prospecting and recruiting training calls

    23. not consistently being on the training calls

    24. don’t use or follow a mlm training script for prospecting and recruiting

    25. getting disappointed when some prospects don't show up for your first mlm meeting

    26 giving up at the one yard line

    27. thinking you will get rich in 2 weeks

    28. thinking you can work a few hours and earn a fortune

    29. not realizing that you will have to spend some money or a lot of time in order to earn money

    30. not getting 3-ways done with your upline

    31. trying to recruit(convince) your family and friends to join your business without the help of your upline

Please feel free if you can come up with some additional Pitfalls to help shorten the learning curve of the rookie mlm'ers, let us know

mlm prospecting is a guide to help shorten the learning curve.

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