Network Marketing Terminology for New MLM Recruits

MLM terminology is a universal language... here's a way for New Recruits to excel to the head of the class by using these MLM Cheat Notes: SHHHHH.....

1. upline.... is the MLM recruit that sponsored you into your MLM business

2. the person that you sponsored into your MLM business

3. the person you are currently networking with whom you plan to recruit into your MLM business

4. recruit...the prospect who joins your MLM business

5. compensation plan...the pay plan that describes the way your MLM company pays you for mlm recruits and selling products or services

6. levels...the number of recruits that's away from you

7. opportunity meeting... a gathering of prospects and recruits where a company presentation is presented

8. recruit up....means to prospect the most successful people you know

9. cold call....recruiting or prospecting people that you don’t know about joining your network marketing business

10. warm market...MLM prospecting to people that you know

11. 3-foot rule... anyone that’s within 3 feet of you that's breathing is a potential MLM prospect

12. residual you continue to earn for work that was done once

13. passive income.... continuous income without any additional effort

14. MLM organization whose members are arranged in ranks

15. marketing tools....any sales material you use to market to prospect IE.... DVDs’... websites

16. B.O.M.. Your MLM Business Opportunity Meeting

Please feel free to submit any additional MLM terms you can come up with.

MLM Networking Marketing
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