Money Gifting is not the secret gateway to wealth... Instead it's the Underground Route Taken by the Uninitiated

With thousands of slimy get rich quick schemes and money gifting programs it’s hard to know what's what.

Personally, I’m tired of reading about mlm scams, money gifting and the like. Are people really getting scammed or are they joining networking marketing businesse and failing miserably and to sheepishly ease their pain or embarrassment they find it easy to called wolf.

Money Gifting, illegal ponzi schemes, and pyramid scams are erroneously lumped in with Legitimate Business Opportunities

Money gifting a little mistake that creates big problems

A couple a years ago the Attorney General shut down a money gifting program in suburban America. You may not remember, it was a group of sophisticated housewife’s that started their own group. What you may remember is the police petty wagon and handcuffs. Yep!

Just recently, locally there was a run on money gifting programs. You would have been shocked to have seen the massive amounts of community leaders that made their way to the front of the money gifting program line.

People that you never suspect would put their faith in a money gifting scheme were leading the charge.

Now, to mention the biggest ponzi scheme in modern History, the Bernie Madoff money making or shall I say money taking scam.

Who would have ever though after 50 years his whole business was an illusion?

Before we talk more about money gifting, scams or cash gifting programs, let’s find out why we think the way we do (info based on” Power Talk” by Anthony Robbins the leading authority on human potential), In addition to receiving expert advice on scams from Dr. Charles King(Harvard Professor) more on that later.

We live in a controlled society (yes we are being controlled) by beliefs that we "perceive" as the pillars of logic, reason and normalcy. Institutions such as; schools, churches, newspapers, advertising agencies, the Internet and television bombard us constantly...

So... when we hear anything about money gifting, making money from home, or ways to make extra money our brain searches for references. And if the only thing that’s stored in our consciousness is what you over heard or have seen on T. V.... then that becomes your belief. Believe it or not that’s the basic to the underdeveloped decision making process.

Money Gifting... what you’re really seeking are legitimate money making ideas

If you are wondering if its money gifting or not... here are 3 Helpful hints to assist in your decision making process:

This could unquestionably help when trying to decide on any home based business decisions...

Here are the 3 most dangerous statements to watch out for:

1. I’ve read where someone said, If you’re asked to pay up front or in advance it’s an automatic red flag. I don’t agree.. Not necessarily, because any business that you get started in if it’s a legitimate homebased business opportunity or traditional business there will be a start up fee. Now if you’re looking for a home based job, that’s different

But also a money gifting scam will ask for money up front. Here’s the difference between the two. If there are no products or services being rendered then it’s an illegitimate get rich quick scheme or money gifting .(check with your state Attorney General Office)

2. If you are promised to receive money just for "putting in your money", that’s money gifting at it’s “weakest”. Even Stevie Wonder can see that one coming. If you think about it.

It doesn’t even remotely sound like a legitimate money making opportunity. There is no way around not working and growing personally in the process.

3. Have you ever hear this,” you don’t have to do anything really all of the hard lifting is done by our system”. You can earn a killing working 2 hours a day.

I can count the number of people on zero fingers that got rich without working, especially in the beginning. Perhaps once you learn your trade you can eventually work your way down to 2 hours a day. But, not in the beginning.

Money gifting is not what you’re really looking for you're seeking legitimate money making ideas...

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MLM, Network Marketing, HomeBased Businesses are sometimes referred to... ERRONEOUSLY... as "Money Gifting or a "Ponzi Scams.

And these terms are loosely used to describe any network marketing, making money from home business model.

Depending on how you've been brain-washed (don't get excited... we've "ALL" been brain washed. But that's a topic for another time) you form an opinion at the mention of the phrase network marketing.

Now that could be a good opinion or a bad opinion. Your influencers either gave you a good belief about a the "network marketing business system or... a bad belief about it ... Or no belief at all.

Well here are the real facts.

The difference because Money Gifting, ponzi schemes, cash gifting programs, and a legitimate Home Based Business opportunities is that a legitimate homebased business is a business model where revenue generating goods or services are offer and used by the consumer inside and outside the business.

It's a model that's been used by major corporations for years to increase their market share. Such companies as General Electric, MCI, Verizon, Sprint, Direct TV, Dish TV, and many others have used network marketing companies to move their products or service.

But we have never heard of a Fortune 500 company offer in a money gifting program... have you?

The Difference/

Money gifting , get rich schemes ,Pyramid scams or cash gifting programs is where a fraudulent system lures people in quickly by offering them a opportunity to earn money at home .. just for putting up their cash.

These money gifting programs usually attract people that’s looking for ways to make money fast...they have a desire to earn money at home without the Work that comes with it, there's no such thing as something for nothing.

We hope the smoke has cleared some and that you have a better understanding between a get rich quick scheme, ponzi scam, money gifting , and a legitimate business opportunity.

From an academic viewpoint... learn what Dr. Charles King has said about mlm scams, get rich schemes, network marketing and legitimate business opportunities. Just in case you don’t know who he is...Dr. Charles King is one of the most notable authorities on network marketing.

He’s holds a PHD from Harvard and is a professor of marketing at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Another great resource is Robert Kiyosaki ......

You may want to check here also: "Great resource"

The most expensive thing you can own is a closed mind.

Do yourself a favor and do your home work before making a decision on your next home based business opportunity.

We don’t want you to get caught up in money gifting.