Motivating Downline -3 Key Factors to Train Your Downline Where Everybody Wins

Motivating Downline One Key Factor for Maximum Profits

Two of the most common problems in network marketing are retention and motivation. In other words, once your downline is built, how do you keep them motivated to stop the revolving door, one in one out?

The last thing you want is an un-motivated, uninspired, lazy MLM downline. You will learn the nice way to put a fire under your MLM representatives butts, since success depends on how well the network marketing downline performance.

Likewise, your team depends on YOU to teach them how to duplicate success. This is key. A success line wants the big bucks as much as you do; but, they will quickly despair of achieving this goal if they don't see a clear path towards it.

So, in large, motivating your representatives rests on the YOU for training. This means giving them real skills that are measurable, predictable, and reliable.

What type of skills do they need? ...This depends on their experience level.

Here are 3 key areas to beam in on to fold the corners of your MLM downline to keep the newbies from falling over the edge:

1. The first things you should do is a survey; to find out their biggest challenges. Some of them may be totally new to network marketing industry.

In response, give them an easy-to-follow road map a paint by numbers system that covers lead generation, follow-up and conversion. Those are the three most important elements in marketing any network marketing company. We talk more about specific scripts in other articles.

2. The main reason why new MLM representatives are uninspired is because they just don't know how to get started. Be sure to not just tell them what to do but instead show them how. There should be training material available that will cover, take you by the hand scripts and motivating downline audio trainings. Including leadership calls where you can listen to them as well as they can listen to you.

3. You must show them how to execute effectively. This is critical to helping them duplicate positive results.

After listening to training calls, a good portion of your group should be getting great results, and very excited to be in the program. BUT, you can't let them rest on their laurels. Don't let them settle for 100 sales per month when they could easily make more.

Since some people's competitive levels are lower than others, a great way to combat this tendency is to appeal to their ego. Capitalize on what drives them with rewards and recognition.

If an e-mail communication as been established for your network marketing downline, you can offer up a little public praise by featuring motivating downline success stories in a monthly newsletter.

You might even want to find a way to reward them materially. For example, you could purchase a tool that will help them in their business – a course on time management, for example – and give it away free to the most improved downline member.

The possibilities are really limitless.

Ultimately, keeping your dowline motivated means treating them as respected members of the team. Let them know that you care about their success as much your own, and show it by helping them in any way you can.

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