Are you tired of struggling and are unsure if a network marketing program is really all that it’s cracked up to be?

You know... collecting all of the mlm information possible: the ridiculous 3 foot rule, pestering your family and friends, talking to any thing that breathes and stands on two feet, traveling 5 hours one way to attend mlm training and financing network marketing opportunity meetings at your local hotel.

I know when many of you started in your network marketing program(just as I) were told to use many of the same mlm tools and strategies that were used back in 70’s, make a list of 100 people, call all 100, to find out who wants residual income.

Until you find yourself deliberately avoided by people you know, not until then do you immediately look for other network marketing business systems, when you asked for other recruiting strategies, all your upline tells you to do is to talk with more people.

This only lead you to immobilizing frustration, maxed out credit cards, total confusion and disbelief.

Now as you are nearly out of money, and have very little to show for months and others years of diligently pounding the concrete you are now wondering if someone spiked your punch or are you just stuck on stupid.

Why would I spend so much of my time and money in a mlm business that is generating such minuscule returns?

Then just as the thought entered your mind of giving up on another network marketing program, you come across some information that is considered to be the "life saver" for you.

A home based business Free Video: One expert gives his opinion why he thinks multilevel marketing is the quickest, low-cost way to retire early

This life saver I speak of is a video of Robert Kiyosaki‘s explanation of the importance of a homebased business.

this 10–minute video explains

Robert explains why a network marketing business is the easiest, quickest way to earn massive residual income with a low-cost start-up starting part time.

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Deborah Pretty
1st Wealth Principle
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