Owning A Business... How To Retire 10 Years Earlier Than Your Boss

Owning a business... the fastest, most stress-free, most obvious way to retire the way you always imagined

Starting up a business isn’t as difficult as you think?... or is it? Most people think you have to be a super gigantic, Harvard scholar to own your own business.

If’ that’s the case, then why isn’t every Professor, Librarian, MBA graduate a multi-gizillionaire or at the very least successful at owning a business?

According to the United States Department of Labor by the year 2025 around two-thirds of all Americans could easily be working from home.

Owning a business... an ingenious way to not end-up corporate road kill

There's not as much to owning a business as we think. Starting a business actually excludes many Super smart people and elevates average people because of their imagination and innovation.

More imaginative thinkers come up with money making ideas than people that are down right geniuses.

Owning a business what every successful professional Already know is the answer to relieve stress

Learn the 5 reasons why owning your own business can seem insurmountable. And why it’s more crucial in today's economy to start a home business more than ever.

1. Starting a new business is crucial to your financial health. As we stated earlier according to the United States Department of Labor two-thirds of all American will be working from home. Your decision will be to either start a new business or work for your boss at home. But chances are you will be workingfromhome.

2. Business Start up Cost Most people are afraid they will have to mortgage their home or deplete what’s left in the "101 K". They think owning a business is extremely risky.

Another reason why owning a business is perhaps the last choice a person makes is because most people still have that 20th century stinking thinking that my job will take care of me...NOT!

3. Small Business Resources for insurance and other needs: Many can’t imagine not being covered by their company’s insurance plan. Some are concerned about pre-existing illnesses. We understand. But on the other hand what will happen if or when you are downsized? At some point you may have to consider Working from home

4. Buying a Business What about my benefits: That’s playing heavily on the younger baby boomers minds, what about my retirement?

From our understanding most jobs 401 k's are down 35-65 percent.

Many have depleted most or all of that to financing today’s living expenses. We recently read an article in the newspaper about how companies are going to stop funding 401 k plans. So basically you will fund your retirement anyway. This is the future business models.

5. Small business resource: SBA.org.is a great place to start. Even if you don’t have a clue as in what you would want to do. Just think about your first day at your job... what did you know?

Our guess would be not much. And even if you think you did know a lot the company wanted it done their way. So any and every skill that you will need to start a small business you are capable of learning. The same way you learned your job.

*Bonus : the key is to not wait until you are out of a job to start a new business. The best time to start your own business is right now while you have a "secure job" or money left in your 101 K

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When is the best time to borrow money? When you don’t need it. Equally so: When is the best time to start a business, when you think you don't need one.

There are plenty of home based businesses you can start part-time that will train you.

Owning your own business ultimate benefit is the freedom that you get to do what you want when you want, with whom you want as long as you want. Now that’s freedom.

Remember Days are passing by like the turning pages in a well written interesting best selling novel. With our heads down and eye glued to the book we have no earthy idea how long we have been reading until something urgent or unpleasant demands our attention.

How to start a legitimate business for under $1000.00
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Life is the same way. We work with our heads down and each passing day is another day of withdrawal away from our real desires... until we are interrupted by a winter of life?

The choice of you owning a business is no longer optional... it’s becoming mandatory

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Owning a Business