Referrals...the Most Cost-Effective Way to Gain New Business

We all know that generating referrals is a major component to sustained business shelf life.

It's no doubt; one of the most effective ways to build any business is though word of mouth advertising. Why... You know the answer...Because people do business with people they know, like and trust.

Sit tight while we tell you the rest of the story.

Let’s think back for a couple of minutes, think about the businesses that used word of mouth marketing.

I know you can think of quite a few can’t you... O.k.

The first one that comes to mind is hot mail.

We all know hot mail got popular through a well thought out program...viral marketing.

Which is still word of mouth marketing... and boy did it work!


Here’s another before I mention this one some of you will... Ok ...I’ll go ahead and explain....

How many of you remember Farm fresh super markets? I know I’m telling my age (and a lady never does that).

Don’t take away my(woman over #$% card )....I’m trying to make a point.

How many people remember farm fresh (they are still around in VA. I know for sure)? Do you remember their slogan?

Many of us use a variation of their slogan in our online businesses.

Farm fresh used 3 simple but powerful marketing words to create a marketing explosion.

The success of their marketing strategy consist of this phrase

And they didn’t say it sometimes.... they said it all the time.... and every time.

It was in their print ad, TV ad, sales fliers, and in house advertisement.

As we use to say back in the day. "They worked that slogan for points" and they won.

What can we learn from Farm Fresh system?

1. to create a word of mouth marketing system
2. weave your slogan in all advertisements
3. stay consistent, say the same thing every time
4. KISS...keep it simple sweetie

So now you are wondering what those three famous words are.... Yep!...... You guessed it.

Did you say..... Tell a Friend...Tell a friend and people did... they kept telling and Farm Fresh kept growing and growing.

Farm Fresh still has a presence in the VA. marketplace while most of the other local grocery stores no longer exist.

So here is what we did, we prepared our own version of Tell a friend referral system.

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When was the last time you asked for referrals and got 100% participation?

My husband calls me the referral queen and 100% participation had never occurred until now.

We will also discuss why people willingly went beyond the call of duty to offer referrals in more details in our ezine.

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