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Have you ever thought about your former faithful and reliable clients that are no longer patronizing your business?

Wouldn't you like to know where are the clients you serviced 1-3-5- years ago?

You've probably noticed clients coming in one door and out of the other for good.

Are you beginning to doubt your ability to grow your business?

Anyone that knows you will tell that you perform great services, sell essential products, and have superb customer service....

What happened?...

Why did they stop patronizing your business?

Well, you've come to the right place to pick-up this vital skill you will use the remainder of your business life.

We've got the solution for you.

How would you like to learn a strategy that will bring more of your long-standing, dependable clients back?

Once we articulate this often forgotten word you will understand more and recognize the problem when it raise it's head again.

Have you ever been to a restaurant, retail store, book store, and just never went back? We're sure you'll agree you didn't necessarily have a bad experience. ...just for one reason or another you never went back.

Right?......We all have...


Think about it..Mmmmmmmmm

You can't think of one reason....Can You?

No doubt about it, we are all alike. There are clients that frequented your business and loved your product or service but never returned.

"That's known as Attrition"

Attrition is the decline of former clients

Just think most small/home business owners don't even know what attrition is. You are learning not only what it is but what to do about it.

Here's a tactic that's easy, fast, and free.

"I like those three"

Remember this one tip if you don't remember anything else,(I don't know why you won't since it's written you can always bookmark this page).

As a matter of fact do that now~ it makes cents....dollars and cents .....


First allow me to explain why we don't address this problem. The number one reason why we haven't given this problem any fear.


We are afraid of what our clients my say.

They may have had a bad experience, poor service or just didn't like one or more of our sales associates.

What would you say if we offered to help by sharing our experience?

Just a note to tell you about our first time trying this strategy we were terribly terrified.

Why....because up don't know what your former clients are going to say?..... No doubt about it, it's easier to think negative than positive.... There's always a tendency to think the worst.

"We were surprised" by the response and results

We decided to go back through an old appointment calendar. To call clients that were missing in action.

Here's a List of our objectives:

To have our client bring us up to speed about themselves, their health, family, job,etc.

To elicit information about their last visit with us..were they satisfied with their product or service

Why have they not been back to our place of business

What we found to be true is that most people had absolutely no real reason for not returning.

Some had just mis-placed our phone number...others were just a case of out of sight out of mind.

We will address that later.

Here's a quick story about what one client had to say after not speaking with her in over 8 years? I called Cheryl (I actually didn't remember her). Come to find out she had been looking for me for over 8 years off and on.

We made an appointment to meet and realized who each other was it was amazing.

After all those many years we revisited and were genuinely glad to see each other. She said that she had been looking for me because she owed me money and wanted to clear her conscious. She paid her undue balance on her second visit.

Now for your's all you do

Call your clients that you haven't seen in a while. Ask them the 3 questions that we stated earlier.

The next step is to offer them something of value i.e....a free add-on, a free report, half price service, anything of value to the client that will induce them to return.

The good news is...once they return chances are they won't stray again.

But why not secure the nail down for good. Do you want to be certain you can increase your odds even better?

Learn how to consistently keep your business name in front of your clients face continuously, so that whenever they think of the service or product that you offer they will automatically think of you

There you are, another innovation of words that will add to your bottom line. We would like you to continue to email us your comments. Let us know of your improved results and from which strategy you used.

Would you like to discover one of the most cost-effective, simplest ways we found to indelibly embed your name in your clients mind so that they will never forget you ever again.