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Small Business Marketing Ideas...Learn Unusual Ways Small Businesses can Cautiously Generate Substantial Sales

Small Business Marketing Ideas...the little-unknown ways to replace escalating advertising cost

Are you stuck in the past with old Marketing Habits?

Do you have a brick and mortar business that marketing strategies needs resuscitating?

Do you refuse to impart creativity and innovation to market your small business?

Are you still trying to use 20th century marketing ideas and techniques in the new millennium?

Are you watching new businesses open that you know aren't as good as your business and definitely not as creative?

“ STOP! ”

”Dare to use Small Business Marketing Ideas to Enhance your Business

Decide today to step out of the box.

Market in a way you haven’t done before.

Here’s the best part, small business marketing ideas aren't hard to duplicate or expensive to implement.

Learn unusual ways small business owners can cautiously produce substantial increase in sales in 30 days or less.

Dare to employ this one sneaky secret and watch your business come alive again.

If not you may end up in the dead business marketing strategy cemetery.

Read what one governmental agency has to say.

According to the small business association 500,000 new businesses open every year. Forty percent of them fail within their first year. Another 60%to 80% of them fail within the next five years.

O.K..... If you don’t want to end-up a statistic...it may be a good ideal to keep reading

Recently a new restaurant opened down the street from us.
What impressed me the most was the way the restaurant owners decided to promote there business, using a non-traditional marketing strategy.

Two thumbs up for them. They were thinking.

Are you curious to know what creative marketing technique was used to get a massive amount of customers in the door?

Although this was a great ideas for a restaurant it was stolen from the online world. This is a great small business marketing idea that can work wonders on or offline.

legitimate business opportunity

Before I tell you let me ask you a question?

Do You have a business website?

If the answer is no, I suggest you reverse that decision.

I’ll tell you why in a minute.

If yes!

Is it effective?

Better yet what is the purpose for your website?

Is it for educational purposes only?


Learn how small business marketing ideas will dramatically grow your brick and mortar without you selling your shirt.


Great Question?

O.K. I’ll tell you

Regardless to the type of business that you have, an “income producing website will add to your bottom line”.

Whether it’s a restaurant, beauty salon, home business, sales, daycare, MLM, it doesn’t matter.

Here’s why.........

Let’s copy a page from the Fortune 500 Company's handbook.... i.e.Coke, Nike, Sprint, AT&T.......

Now I know what you are thinking I can’t afford to advertise like they do, I agree. (I think)

Suppose we can teach you how to employ one of their most profitable marketing business strategies for a fraction of the price, I mean for pennies?

Sound Fabulous?

Here is what you should know:

1. Big companies realize that in order to stay competitive they have to keep their business name or logo in the public's eye at all times.

2. Big businesses also realize continuous advertising allows them to promote their business 24/7

However, this can be very expensive; they normally spend hundreds of thousands of dollars with T.V.marketing, radio promotions, and newspaper advertisements alone.

Are you ready for a secret? You don’t need a big budget to maintain a consistent presence for your client .


All you need is an effective website.

One that looks good but more importantly, one that will give you small business marketing ideas to kill for.

Get more tips on how your website can consistently promote and grow your business with the same amount of money you are spending on your current advertising budget

Earn Residual income

And before I forget, the strategy the new restaurant used to promote their arrival; they sent out emails for a free appetizer.

This is a small business marketing idea you can add to your marketing arsenal.

Seems simple; how many people do you know that like free food?

And better yet HOW much did they spend on advertising ?

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