Are you ever tongue-tied at the negotiating table…try this unknown secret for shocking results

Discover the fortune that lie hidden In this incredible “one phrase”

You’ll want to add this one to your personal collection of business strategies.

Learn how we helped one friend saved over $8400.00 per year on a yearly contract.

Normally friends don’t listen to friends about business ideas.

But this time Ebony asked me, what did I learn at last week’s conference. Along with all the other tips we shared with her, this one strategy stood out.

Here’s why, she was in the middle of renegotiating her commercial lease.

She told me at that time she had no intentions to use any strategies. But as her landlord was speaking, he asked her to give him a bid on what she thought their new monthly rent should be.

“She said all she could think of was me telling her this one silly phrase”.

She couldn’t wait until Tuesday to tell me about her experience.

Listen up a minute, while I tell you of a strategy that saved Ebony thousands of dollars, and it's so simple. Try this tactful technique for
quick negotiating success.

Whenever negotiating any type of contract...whether it’s a house… car… commercial property… job… relationship…especially a relationship... (that’s a different website)

O. K.

In brief, here’s the one phrase solution:

This is what our mentor shared with us.

He said, if you don’t feel ABSOLUTELY Stupid when bidding, your bid was TOO high. There you have it.

Does that sound to good to be stupid!

Remember only applied knowledge is power. Try this strategy and share your response with us.

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