Starting Home Business -10 Over-Looked Advantages To Win Big At Home

Starting home Business...10 Simple Reasons Why You Should Take Your Work Home For Good !

How often do you stay awake at night thinking about how you can cut business overhead OR slice family living or playing expenses? It’s no longer top-secret that starting a homebased business could make a huge difference between your fiscal year ending in a deficit or surplus.

Why is it that every once in a while when we get that itch to start a home business; that idea is dismissed almost as soon as it was developed.

Could it be because we associate starting a business with struggle, stress, sacrifice, and sorrow?

After carefully studying Auntie Sally Mae nearly working herself into a coma, consistently missing family events, baring no children, never marrying as a matter of fact could hardy keep a man, you decided at that point...Not For Me.

Well, times have changed since your Auntie started her business and in today's business arena you CAN have it all, a loving relationship, beautiful children, free time, peace of mind, fun and excitement along with financial security, when choosing the right home business plan.

Listed below are 10 advantages why you should open -up YOU INC.

Here are 10 benefits from starting a home business

1. An internet enhanced home business will eliminate exhausting travel time; Who do you know that has spare time, that's like spare change, it only exist in the movies. A home business will save you both time and money

2. Tax write offs – home office expenses: Home office expenses are a gift sent from heaven, you can claim tax write offs similar to the tax deductions of the Fortune 500

3.You gain the flexibility of working at your most productive times: We all have those times when you work better than others, now you get to choose those times. That allows you to work when you are at the top of your game.

4. Quick implementation of innovative ideas: It is so much easier to turn the ship around when you are the captain of the vessel. You won't have to write a thesis on why your business is changing course.

5. Save on lunch and snack money: You can spend a bank roll on breakfast, lunch and snacks when working at the office, with a home based business you simply walk into your kitchen and help yourself.

6. Less stressful: We are always more productive when we reduce stress, especially since we have recently learned how stress can affect our health. It has been reported that more heart-attacks happen on Monday morning between 8:00 am.-11:00 am. than any other time, getting started in your very own home based business could be a life saver.

7. No-boss: Some times we as people just have a personality conflict with some people, there are times when we would just rather work with a chimpanzee. ENOUGH SAID

8. Incorporate the efforts of your spouse and children (more tax write -offs): Here is another tax friendly idea, you actually save in three different ways when you employ this strategy.

9. No office politics: unless you like fighting with yourself. Imagine how much time you can save, you are the only person in the office, no idle gossip. You have created a gossip free zone.

10. The ease of increased income without an act of Congress: You are the boss, your business lives or dies depending on your performance, you get paid what you're worth.

The next time you reject your idea to start a home business think about the millionaires that started their business the very same way you will...

Here are three:

Microsoft Founder Bill Gates Started in his garage

Dell Computer's Michael Dell Started in his dorm

Sergey Brin and Larry Page Started as a school project

I propose you tune up your intuitiveness and move your feet on your next hunch to start your very own home business. Who knows you could very well be on the next list.

When it comes down to making money in business...he who can decrease expenses and increase sales makes the most money; which is the perfect reason to start a home based business.

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