Success in Business: Thousands are now succeeding in their homebased businesses when they though they never would

Success in Business: Learn 5 Tips to Home Business Success, Wealth, and Happiness

I’m always amazed at people that join homebased businesses and because they fail to earn 50 Million dollars yesterday they associate their lack of initiative to their lack of success in business...

or the person that joins a network marketing company only to find out their spouse was totally against the idea because they weren’t consulted first for small business advice and see the new business model as a threat-stealing precious time and money from the family...

or the people starting a new business hit their first brick wall only to turn and go back the very same direction from which they came.

Success in Business: small business investment-Big Business Profits

Then later you see those very same people and you ask them what happened they proceed to tell you oh... that business just wasn’t really for me...Funny...It was for you when you were bouncing off the walls when you thought it was the answer to your prayers to get you out of the rat race.

This is really what they're saying... I didn’t stick with it long enough. I was more afraid of failing than producing potential success in business.. I was more concerned with what my friends would think...Oh... I don’t like selling.

So before making another move toward your next endeavor here are 5 excuses you can eliminate before starting your own small business or homebased businesses:

Success in Business: 5 keys to success that will keep you on track:

1. Don’t let your reason for joining your homebased business be your excuse for quitting, E.g. you joined because you either wanted more family time, more income, or a nicer boss “YOU” Now every time it’s time for a meeting you use your family as an excuse... Success in business starts with eliminating all excuses... Don’t try It!

2. I” am spending more money than I’am making... Hello... that's called a small business investment what business do you not have to spend some money on. In traditional businesses the expected period of time it takes to turn a profit is between 2-5 years... When you joined you knew there would be some business expenses. Next excuse?

3. I don’t like to travel. If your job required you to be gone for 3 months. You wouldn’t think twice... you would probably be first one on the plane even before the pilot. I know a pastor that took off 2 months from preaching to travel for his job. What are you willing to do for your job and what are you willing to do for your make the call. Good Try~

4. I don’t like selling... well... (let me be the first to apologize) I know you were told you didn’t have to sell... that the product sold itself. Ops.. not quite you do have to learn to sell. Which is a required skill in new economy?

Even your Banker is selling. And chances are you probably sell in some capacity on your current job. One thing for sure you sold yourself to get hire.. Selling is a mandatory skill for any one starting a new business whether you want to admit it or Not!

5. I don’t like trying to convince my friends to buy products, sell services or to join my turn key business. Think about what you are saying.

People only say that when they don’t expect success in business especially in a network marketing business. E.g. If you knew without a shadow of a doubt that you were going to make $5000.00 your 3rd month in the business you would be screaming it from the mountain top.

How do you think your friends and colleagues would feel if you told everyone but them?.... So what you are saying is that you would rather show strangers how to start a new business and potentially position themselves to quit their jobs then your own family.

The only reason that some don’t like to share with friends and family is because they assume they are going to fail and want to save face.

Well believe it or not you have some friends that are right now online looking at steps to starting a business that you thought would never do anything of the sort...including doctors, lawyers, business executives, etc...

success stories

Because of the uncertainty of the economy...over 500,000 people every month are online looking at homebased businesses and every nano second someone is joining a homebased business. Welcome to the New Economy~

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Success in Business: How to Add Thousands more to your retirement fund and Quit Work before your Boss

Homebased businesses, direct marketing, MLM is no different than any other business you get out what you put in.

The difference is with most MLM businesses the start-up cost is less than $500.00 so most people give it a $500.00 dollar effort.

Look at your next business endeavor as a million dollar business opportunity you may not make a million but you won’t quit after your first few no’s either.

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