1) Life is a series of choices“Look around you. What is happening in the lives of a large percentage of this country? Nothing much. And, whether they realize it or not, it's the result of choices: the choice to take what comes, the choice to let things happen, the choice to settle for less, the choice to let others do their thinking, the choice to merely exist from one day to the next." – Hal Urban

Reading this statement offers a defining moment. Life IS a series of choices. You can either sit back and take what life deals you, or you can fight back, take charge, and determine your own path.

If you want and believe in something, you must take the next step and go after it.

Life should not be dictated to you. It is a series of choices. It is there for you to make the most of.

(2) Achieving satisfaction in all areas of lifeWhat do you need to do to change your situation?

(3) Benefits of a supportive environment to see you through

(4) Those That Do, Those That Do Not.There are those that "think" that building a business from home is a great idea, and there are those that actually go out there and DO it. Which category do you fall into?

Women & Entrepreneurship

(5) Do you know that one in every eleven adult women owns a business?

Do you know that women entrepreneurs are starting new businesses at twice the rate of men and are generating nearly $2.3 trillion in revenues to the US economy?

These eye-opening statistics from the Washington DC-based Center for Women's Business Research paint a clear picture of a rapidly growing trend.

Come on ladies! This letter is a call to action. You can take advantage of the endless possibilities the Internet has to offer. The Internet needs women to lead the way. The opportunity is there. It is possible, it is up to you!

Multiple Income Streams

(6) Do you think that one job is enough?Diversify your income with a home-based business.

Stay At Home Moms

(7) It’s challenging enough to survive on two incomes in this day and age. When the difficult (and of course rewarding) decision is made to stay at home with your children, what can you do to fill the income void in your household?

(8) Have you made the decision to stay at home with your family, but miss the corporate environment? There is a world of moms out there who are accustomed to working and want to incorporate that into their lives as stay at home parents. This article touches on regaining the thrill of accomplishment in work while at the same time being able to afford the luxury of staying at home with your family.

Personal Finance / Financial Planning

(9) Dispelling The Myth That Money Is “The Root Of All Evil” – (A statement obviously created by someone who didn’t have enough in an effort to justify their existence!)

(10) The Truth About Debt, And How To Overcome It

Planning For Retirement


(11) Finding A Suitable Replacement Income For The Mass Amounts Of Baby Boomers who are reaching retirement age without a reasonable level of retirement income

The “30-Something” Generation

(12) Retirement may seem like a world away, but if you don’t plan now, you will suffer the consequences later.

Wealth Accumulation

(13) Discover How To Truly Take Advantage Of The Land Of Opportunity

Signs of the Times


(14) Using Technology To Make MoneyIs the “dotcom” revolution dead? Or is there still opportunity to make money using technology and the Internet?


(15) The Instability Of The Current Workforce: Job security is a thing of the past. What can you do to protect yourself from this?


(16) Finding A Solution To Combat The High Cost Of Health Care. The rising cost of Health Care is a catastrophe is this country. The lack of jobs that provide adequate care is epidemic. What can you do to provide for yourself and your family in the medical arena?


(17) What Qualities Are The True Tokens Of An Entrepreneur?

(18) Are You Cut Out To Be A Self-Employed Success?

(19) What is involved in the process of starting your own business?

The Retiree

(20) Is it money to replace an income that you’ve become accustomed to? Or is it the actual work that you are missing… the drive of getting up each day working towards something? Either way, how can you fill that void as a retiree?

Smart Tax Planning

(21) What Impact Can A Home-Based Business Have On Your Taxes?

Airline Employees

(22) A Bonus For Airline Employees.

Real Estate

(23) Pumping Up Your Real Estate Career.

Traveling Nurses

(24) A New Direction For Traveling Nurses

Corporate Burnout

(25) Is Your Corporate Job Using You Up?

The Stress Of Owning a Franchise

(26) Do You Really Want To Own a Franchise?

The Delights of Travel

(27) Daydreams Come True for Armchair Travelers

Small Business, Big Problems

(28) Are You A Frustrated Small Business Owner?

The Secret Is Out - The Way To Personal Empowerment

(29) The secret to success in every area of your life lies within you.You do not have to belong to any particular religious group to learn, use and benefit from The Secret. It's for everyone, regardless of their spiritual beliefs, IQ, education, current circumstances or station in life. In fact, the author discovered and mastered The Secret when she herself was going through a very difficult time. It helped her turn her life around, and she is eager to share what she learned with as many people as possible. Will you be one of them?

Tough Financial Times

(30) How To Thrive During A RecessionThrive during a recession? Does that sound impossible? It's not.

(31) Surviving The RecessionWhile many pundits and politicians were for months unwilling to admit that we are in a recession, in late 2008 the National Bureau of Economic Research announced that the US recession was "official."

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