How we Increased our Profits by 18 percent in less than 5-Minute

Learn How to Make "Hundreds" More a day for the Time it Takes to Paint Your Nails

It’s no secret that McDonald‘s is the number 1 franchise in the World.

Could it be that they sell the most delicious hamburgers, tastiest fries,
or could it be the lemon in the ice tea

Have you ever asked yourself why is McDonald's one of the most profitable franchisers in the world?.....Think about it, it doesn’t matter who they employ the company continues to make money.

Why?.... It’s the system!

Don’t let the lack of a system stump your company's growth.

Read below this simple scenario, it will make sense…. dollars and scents.

Are you tired of clients calling for rates and quotes then hanging up? After which, you spot them riding by to the cheap guy down the street.

Would you like to know a word phrase that will stop clients from riding by to dropping by?

To show you exactly what we mean, below we have listed the 5 rules you must know and a word for word Telephone Script Template that will keep them coming.

This telephone script belongs on every desk.

First you have to know these 5 rules:

If you know the rules you can play to WIN

Rule#1. always stay on offense

Rule#2.Learn to lead not follow

Rule #3.Always answer a question with a question

Rule#4. Smile when you talk

Rule#5. Practice your script before preaching

This is a version of the telephone script template we used that increased our income by 18 percent.

Here’s a Telephone Script Template

You…Thanks for calling _______? How may I help you?

Caller…Yes (they ask question)

You …..I’d be glad to help you with that With whom am I speaking with?

Caller …..They give name

You…….. Hi _______let me ASK you a couple of questions so that we can best serve you.

Ask specific questions to find their reasons for interest in your business.

People do business with those they know, like, and trust.

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