The One Immutable Law to Learn for Massive Growth in your Business.... Violate this One and You are stuck for Life.

So you think you are smarter than a Fly?

Are you tired of empty you wish that people would stop telling you to try harder.

Have you every stayed awake at night thinking about what it is that you need to do or should do.

We’ve all read the stories about the athletes, musicians, and movie stars, that gave it their all for years. And then their day finally arrived.

We’ve also heard the stories...(ie) I slept only 4 hours a night.... you have to do whatever it takes to be successful.

OH.... I know.....successful people do what others won’t, so they can have what others won’t have.

How about this have to be willing to pay the price.

You have to be persistent.


What’s my point?

They are all right.

It’s no secret that you have to be persistent in doing things in a certain way.

You can persistently do the wrong things and you will persistently get undesirable results.

So back to my original question

Are you smarter than a Fly?

I know stupid question....Hmmmmm.... well let’s see.

Are you doing more of the same things hoping and praying for something magical and mystical to happen?

Now let’s look at the fly.

Have you ever watched a fly in a window sill?

I know what you are saying I never watch flies.... come on amuse me.

Well allow me to amuse you for a minute.

It’s not every day that this happens.

I sat and watched this fly for about 10 minutes.

Yes, I had other things to do. But!

The fly was trying his best to get to the other side of the window.

As a matter of fact the outside....

He kept hitting his head on the window.
He would fly around the window a bit and than try again.

You would think after a couple of attempts he would learn his lesson, But nooooooo.....

I’m thinking.... Why is he doing that?

Here’s what I realized... The fly could see the outside clear,crystal clear. He just didn’t know how to get out there.

It saw the other flies flying around, some flying backward, forward, sideways, some doing somersaults and some flying with friends.

Some fly’s landed on filet-migon and some landed on the other stuff!

Based on his actions, I know what he was saying to himself.....

Now, those other flies are flying so I know it's possible to be free, I know I’m not crazy.

I’ve been told all of my life to try harder; I’ve body-built, ate healthy, studied, I know I know how to fly.

Then why am I not free. My little fly friends, family, boss, and co-workers just keep telling me to try harder.

Well he listened and the next day when I got up he was still in the window sill with very little buzz left.

His wing span spread only half staff, all because he listened to the wrong crowd.

They meant well. They just forget to tell him one minor detail.

Believe it or not here's the simple answer to the fly’s problem. All it had to do was shift 3 inches to the right, and the door was open wide enough to drive a tank through.

The fly never changed it tactic, he kept doing more of what wasn’t working.

My message today is to inform you that you have to be willing to shift just a little to the right. If you have been doing business or anything the same way and you expect different results shame on you.

Remember doing more of what’s not working won’t make it work any better.

So why is it so hard to shift:

Most people are:

• Stuck in the past
• Refuse to think for ourselves
• Rigid in their thinking
• Frozen in the employee type mindset
• Most people are so busy working in their business they don’t have time to work on their business

Here are a couple of ideas that will get you started on the necessary thinking for entrepreneurship:


stop and think

be honest with yourself

ask yourself.... is what I’m doing working

Am I getting my desired results

track your results,they don’t lie

If you aren’t getting predictable results then you don’t know how you created what you have, and if you don’t know how you got what you have you can’t duplicate your results.

After several more attempts that day the fly died from a brain tumor trying to do something that was only humanly possible, and that’s break the glass.

The good news is as human being we are blessed, God gave us dominion over everything. We can think and most importantly we can change.

As my husband likes to say “you are not a tree you can move”.

In a nut shell if you haven’t reached your desired goals don’t give up. But you may have to move 3 feet to the right, before you end up with a head ache or worst.

Here are some simple steps that you can implement immediately that will increase your business starting today.

1. The first step is to take action .... a different action.
2. Read success stories about someone in your field of endeavor.
3. Listen to an audio by one of the many experts in your field.
4. Incorporate the use of the internet.... anything you want to know is there.

Remember your success will more than likely come from simple tweaks of innovation rather than from complicated or expensive automation.

Lastly, you are smarter than a fly.... don’t get blinded by the light move 3 feet to the right.

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