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Working from Home - The Top 10 Reasons You Can't Afford Not To

Working from home or home based business opportunities seems to be the buzz words today, especially since revolving terms like, layoffs, cutbacks, and business shutdowns has become all to familiar. Those terms seem to have either frightened or inspired thousands of people who are online everyday desperately searching for the peace of mind that Working From Home offers.

The latest Work From Home programs as well as the Direct Selling Industry have released some startling statistics:

According to the Direct Selling Association over 175,000 new distributors in the US and 475,000 globally are joining the ranks.

The U.S. Labor Department shares that by 2025 over two-thirds of our work force will be working from home.

Here are 10 reasons why Today more than ever, if you aren't working from home it can be as dangerous as playing Russian roulette.

Discover why more and more business professionals are seeking a home based business.

    10. Robert Kiyosaki said it best, "the rules of the game of business has changed dramatically. A Good Education no longer equates to a life-time job. The average person will change jobs about 7 times in their career.

    9. The Stock Market has tanked, unless you have a wad full of money it could take as long as 5 years to rebound.

    8. You've probably heard the news of failing businesses, vicious corporate firings, $35,000.00 toilets with legs, mortgage industry devastation, and massive layoffs. Which is one of the reasons so many big companies are wiped out, there are a lot less businesses to employ the unemployed.

    7. A home business could be your only hope to violently deny the depletion of your 401k .

    6. 475,000 people can't be loonie- over 475,00 people globally are online weekly researching home business opportunities.

    Choosing a legitimate Work From Home Program is an unusual way ordinary people earn extraordinary incomeā€

    5. An accelerating number of work at home opportunities are now offering residual income or recurring bonuses. How do we propose to become wealthy if we don't learn to earn like the wealthy?

    4. Being in the right place at the right time (and to quote Ray Kroc being in the right place at the right time and "knowing it"). The home business arena is exploding. The direct selling industry growth in the next 10 years is expected to out perform the prior 50 years...combined~

    3. 13 million in the U.S. and 58 million people worldwide have already determined that a direct selling business is a viable option to a traditional career. Success does leave clues!

    2. The Direct Selling Industry annual sales are topping $30 Billion in the U.S. and $100 Billion Worldwide, which is attracting some very savvy business professionals that never thought of owning a home business before

    1. Working at home in your very own business has become the quickest way for the average Joe or Joanne to go from a falling star to a Rock Star.

***lastly... before diving into a home business do your due diligence; Because your very own home business could be the next logical step for financial security and freedom... like anything else there are some good ones and some extraordinary ones. Good Luck!

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**** Working From Home

* One thing we know for sure doing nothing isn't a solution.


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